Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna: Pooja to humiliate Kabir in fashion show

Star plus evening popular show “Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna” is running on some high voltage drama these days. Well, the show has taken a turn from the plot of the fake thinking of Jhanvi as the ideal daughter -in- law and now the entire family is paying the price of their wrongdoings.

The story revolves around Kabir and Pooja and their changing dynamics these days. However, with some major negative influence being present around them, the upcoming story of the show is going to bring lots of hurdles for Pooja and Kabir. Kabir who is trying to save Pooja from Dhruv will be misunderstood by Pooja and she will think he is doing everything for revenge.

Actually to impress the foreign investors and financiers Pooja will organize a fashion show with the designer dresses made from Sharma textiles and she herself opted to be the showstopper in that as well. In the last few episodes, things have gotten really out of proportion when Dhruv tries to kidnap and kill Pooja but Kabir saves her. Here Chopra is continuously trying to make Pooja go against Kabir completely.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, the audience will get to see Pooja’s one-act will change the dynamics of her and Kabir forever. Actually, Pooja will give a heart-warming speech at the fashion show event dedicating it to her mother and father and also her amma. On the other hand, Kabir was informed that someone is trying to harm Pooja and he thought it must be Dhruv.

Later on, he will receive another call saying Dhruv has planned a bomb in the photo set at the stage. He in an attempt to save Pooja will jump resulting into breaking the photo. She will also humiliate him and accused him of trying to ruin her show. This will trigger Kabir against her and he will decide to teach her a lesson for insulting her like that.

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