Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Pooja’s murderous avatar to come alive!

Time and again, Pooja’s patience has been tested by people in Star Plus’s revenge thriller drama Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna. Despite her vengeance motive, she still has a soft heart that doesn’t want to hurt others unless they deserve to be hurt. She also abandoned her revenge plan with the family that destroyed hers after she realized her mother being alive. Instead she herself has become a puppet to Kabir’s wishes after she comes to know that he has held her mother hostage. Kabir on the other hand just wants to give Pooja a lesson to remember as she played with him, family. Neither he is a bad man nor is she a bad woman.

Will these two come together in the near future once they realize the true character of each other’s heart? This seems to be the next track in the show. Right now, though, the duo is jingled in a conflict together as Kabir keeps her mother in hostage and she keeps fulfilling his wishes to protect her mother from any harm. In the upcoming episode though, Pooja will lose her cool and her murderous look will come to fore after she overhears a conversation between Kabir and Sonali about her mother getting into an accident.

Kabir will tell Sonali to calm down and to wipe her blood from her head and tell Sonali that he will come to take her to the hospital. Pooja will overhear their conversation and pick the gun. Kabir will rush Pooja’s mother to the hospital while Pooja tracks his location with Shail’s help. Pooja will enter the room with a gun and rage in her mind, but she gets a surprise instead.

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