Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna- Will Pooja and Kabir find love with each other?

After a long battle of heart and mind, Pooja has decided to follow her heart in Star Plus’s newly added block buster hit drama Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna. She has thrown her fake identity of Jhanvi and relationships associated with that identity successfully taking her vengeance on Mittal family. But had she thought she would come unscathed from her revenge story; she could not have been more wrong. She now knows that her mother is alive and she is trying her best to find her mother so that she could give justice to her. She is now back with her own identity as Pooja and is struggling to keep up with the mess she herself created.

Kabir has held her mother as his hostage and on account of that threatened her to marry him. Kabir wants her to fulfill all of her duties she has been faking as the daughter in law of the house. Their wedding has taken place already and at the end of the recent episode, Pooja and Kabir both got intoxicated by the medicines Pooja mixed in their wedding night milk. In the upcoming episode an intoxicated Kabir will attempt to get friendly with Pooja. This surely hints for the two coming closer and falling in love for real as the story progresses. We can’t wait to see it happening.

On the other side, Rani will try to mislead Jay. The another day after their Suhagrat, Kabir will assign a strenuous task to Pooja. He will ask Pooja to keep seven pots on her head and will ask to perform the puja for his family or else she will risk her mother’s life. Pooja will lift all those seven pots at her head and will go to the temple and when she will be about to slip, someone will hold her.

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