Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Written Update 24th June, 2019

Episode starts with Suman is shouting about the return of Dr Ashok Sharma. PK shouts at her and says how come a dead person become alive again? Suman comes and accused pk for wronging Dr Ashok Sharma and says for you only he is back to take revenge from all of us.

PK shouts in frustration and slaps Suman by saying, “she is mad let’s let’s get her in mental asylum.” Jhanvi remembers a flashback when Suman pushed her and says that your father is mad and he should get admitted in a mental asylum. She feels happy to see someone in such a state.

Kabir gets angry and holds the collar of PK Mittal and says dare you raise your hands on my mom ever, I swear I will not leave you, remember it very clearly.

Dhruv comes and asks Kabir to leave dad and Kabir is still hell lot of angry. PK gets more furious that you raised hand on your dad and leaves from there.

Kabir, Kavya, Jhanvi, Dhruv and all other housemates of Mittal mansion brings Suman to her room and puts her for rest. Dadaji says why Suman health is deteriorating again? Jhanvi says that I am going to call the doctor when Kavya comes down with Jhanvi bhabi. She asks Jhanvi whether she is aware about that doctor called Ashok Sharma.

Jhanvi denies and says I am also clueless about it Kavya, I know that much only what you know about this matter. Kabir in the room asks Dadaji about the truth of Ashok Sharma. He says what happened to them? Why he will try to take revenge from us? Dadiji tries to ignore the topic but Kabir insists to tell him the truth. Dadaji lies and said whatever PK told about that doctor is absolutely true. He is a fraud and greedy doctor who did miscalculation with the formula of medicine which caused many lives.

Kavya was about to ask Jhanvi about the picture but Dhruv comes to Jhanvi and asks whether she calls the doctor yet or not? Jhanvi says to Kavya that she will talk to her later and takes a leave. Kavya comes back in the room and Kabir takes a leave to go to the lawyer’s house. Kavya asks Dadu are there two daughters of Ashok Sharma? Dadaji says one is Pooja Sharma and another one is…..Kavya feels restless when she hears Aarush voice.

She comes in her room and asks Arush why he woke up from sleep? Aarush says let’s go from here. Veer’s mom is so scary. Even Badi maa told me that people of this house are annoying. She also wants to run away from here but can not but I can. Kavya gets shocked to know this and she asks Dhruv did Jhanvi bhabi asks you to call Vyom parents? He says yes, I told her that I don’t want to live here and she says I will help you.

Kavya gets utterly choked and she aks Dhruv further and makes him seat on bed. He took the old picture of Jhanvi and flips it and see the name. She gets panicked and asks Aarush not to come outside of the room unless she calls him. She tries Kabir on phone but couldn’t get in touch with him. She decides to tell the entire family about the real name of Jhanvi.

The whole family gathered in the hall and was discussing about Suman words when Kavya comes there and says Maa was not wrong fully. There is a third person who is playing a game. She gets collided with PK and told her maybe Ashok Sharma is dead but his daughter Pooja Sharma is alive till. She also announces in front of the whole family that Pooja Sharma is none other than Jhanvi Mittal. PK applaud her for being intelligent moves towards Jhanvi.

Jhanvi gets scared seeing her old picture in Kavya’s hand. Whereas PK flipped and accused Kavya of being Pooja Sharma herself and blaming Jhanvi. Kavya gets shocked while Jhanvi rejoices that her plan worked. Flashback shown that PK is on call with Raghav about instructing him to find out about Kavya. Jhanvi comes and asks PK who is Pooja Sharma? PK says she is the daughter of the cheat doctor Ashok Sharma. I thought Pooja and her sister is also died in that accident. But I guess she survived and has a wrong impression about me being the reason of her father’s death.

Jhanvi smartly plants Kavya name in PK head and he thinks yes it must be Kavya who did all this. He asks Raghav to check in her hostel. Jhanvi calls Amma and says to send someone in Gwalior and make sure to prove that Kavya is Pooja Sharma only. Flashback ends. Pk says I am not saying this but proofs against you does. PK shows a document where Kavya picture is attached with Pooja Sharma name.

Jhanvi pretends to cry in front of the whole family and gains sympathy. Aarush comes and asks if these people give you a new sort of punishment? Jhanvi is going to hold Aarush but Kavya stops her and asks her to stay away. Dhruv takes Jhanvi in a side. PK shouts and go and came back with a gun in hand. He points the gun at Kavya and all gets scared, Kavya covers Aarush.

Precap: Jhanvi is with Amma, when Amma asks her what if Kavya tell Jhanvi the truth? Here Kavya tells Kabir about Jhanvi bhabi real identity. Jhanvi says even if Kavya tells Kabir the reality I will play my game before that.