Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna 3rd September 2019 written update:- Kabir brings Anuradha at Mittal Mansion

Episode starts with Rani is telling Chanda that Pooja has done something to Suman and she fainted. Kabir overhears the conversation and trans to Suman room to check on her. Pooja who is already with Suman asks Kabir to call the doctor. Doctor comes and check on Suman and says that she got a minor heart attack. It was nice of Pooja to give her CPR at the correct time or else it will be impossible to save her. Kabir looks at Puja with overwhelmed eyes. doctor advised that from now on, someone has to be with her 24/7. Kabir was about to say that I will take care of her when Pooja says that she will be with her always from now on. Kabir again looks at Pooja surprisingly, he is keeping a tab on Pooja and watches her taking care of Suman earnestly. After a time, Suman gains consciousness and open her eyes but gets angry to see Pooja in front of her. She asks how come she is in her room and who allowed her there? Kabir who is standing just outside of the room comes in and tries to come down Suman. Pooja goes out of the room as her presence is bothering her.

Suman asks Kabir what Pooja is doing in her room? Kabir says that she was taking care of you all the time and it was her for whom you are fine today. Suman says it must be a part of her new plan, Kabir doesn’t agree with her but didn’t say anything on face. Later on he notices Puja is sitting on the steps and is crying. He feels bad for her and wants to console her but stops there.

In the morning, Kabir and Jay are discussing when Jay says that finally they got back everything which they have lost. This initiative of Kabir can again change the whole scenario of this house. Kabir tells him that he has taken a call and now he will not back off. Kabir keeps mum and gives his silent approval for the plan. On the other side, Puja makes Chanda sit on a chair. She tells her that she will fix her hair and it will look like normal. Chanda is asking to do it hurry up before anyone can see her in such a state. Jhanvi sprays water on her hair and then combs it and dries it and fixes the hair like Chanda does all the time. Chanda gets happy to see her hair back like before and tells Puja that she is not that bad as all think. Pooja tells her thank you for that.

Kabir brings Anuradha at home when Pooja is offering prayers to the God. Pooja sees her mother and gets emotional. Anuradha comes home but she slams Pooja and slapped her in front of everybody. Kabir gets shocked to see such behaviour of Anuradha while Pooja is deeply hurt. Anuradha accused her for winning and inter family and playing with multiple lives. Puja is too emotional and hurt to say anything but still she cries when Auradha asked her not to say anything. She asks Pooja not to address her as mother ever and went inside with Rani.

Kabir feels bad to see Pooja in such a state, he goes behind her. Pooja is crying in her room when Kabir comes and says that he didn’t tell anything to her mother and he has no idea from where did she know about all this. Puja caps white when Kabir says I know you will not feel like believing me but it is the truth. Pooja still keep quiet when Kabir finally left the room.
On the other hand, Rani is trying to instigate Anuradha more and more by telling her half truth stories. She tries to portray himself as a victim in front of a mother so she thinks bad and negative about Pooja. Suman tells Kabir that she has to apologize to Anuradha for all the actress ateez took place in her family due to her. he comes to Anuradha and ask for an apology for all the miss deed done by her husband PK Mittal. Anuradha also say sorry for Pooja’s behaviour with the family. Suman said she has brought a land and a bungalow and named after them and she will handover the official papers tomorrow and will start with the process.

Pooja is crying in her from when Rani come there and inform her that she is the one who told their mother everything. She says that she overheard the conversation between Kabir and Jay and gets to know about the new location where our mother is kept by Kabir. I just want to meet her and tell her the entire story of the whole thing. Pooja gets shocked to see behaving in such a way but she chooses to be silent.

Precap – Suman accused Pooja for stealing property papers, Pooja denies any such progression while nobody wants to believe her. Kabir comes there and shares that he has full believe on Pooja that she can’t do anything like that.