Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna 9th August 2019 written update:- Pooja Finds her long lost mother

  • The episode begins with Pooja comes to the temple where she used to come with her mother when she was small. Pujaan tells her driver that we will donate stuff to beggars after I have done with my veneration. The driver called and inform somebody That Pooja already entered the temple.

Pooja comes to the main temple where Suman is also present. She gives a black thread roll to the priest for offering her devotion. The priest is hesitating to take this but she says I have lost my everything hence I won’t be able to offer any other things. Suman turns and fumes to see Pooja, she turns back and asks the priest for performing a havan as well.

Pooja prays to God that in the last few years she turned into someone which is not herself. She wants to become like one her father and mother imagined her to be. Suman, on the other hand, prayed to god to make Pooja’s life a living hell as she made her kids suffer enough. She wants her to live in a mess and no happiness should occur in her life. Suman settles for the havan whereas Pooja is doing the donation work for the beggars in the temple. When a woman runs and pushes her hard and many are shouting behind her. Suddenly Pooja hears the woman is saying these kids are my rani, my puja and she turned around. Slowly she sees her mother’s face and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Pooja goes to her mother and tells her that she is her daughter pooja. That woman denies to acknowledge her and is about to go when Pooja sings a song her mother used to sing for her when she was a little small baby. Pooja’s mom stopped and turns to her side as she recognizes the song and asks Pooja if she is her daughter? Pooja says yes and hugged her tightly in happiness. They are about to go when her mother drags her to the main temple and suddenly gets scared of seeing the house is getting burned due to fire. She suddenly forgets about Pooja and pushes her asking who are you? Why are you holding me like this? Pooja says I told you that I am your daughter and Rani, your younger daughter. She says but my kids are small in the age not like you and run from there saying you are a liar, you are a cheater. Pooja tries to make her understand that she is a grown-up girl now but she doesn’t listen to her and pushed her and shouts for Rani and Puja.

Meanwhile, an ambulance appears there and they take that woman inside for treatment. Pooja says she wants to stay with her mom inside the ambulance but the attendee in the ambulance said, ” I have given a high dose injection to her and now if you come with us, she can get hyper again and we have to give more doses. She agrees and says I will come behind you, she drives the car in full speed herself leaving her driver alone. The driver calls someone and it appears to be Mr.Chopra who gets pissed on hearing this. Pooja drives the car and calls Suhashini to inform about her latest discovery.

Amma gets happy and blessed her for all the upcoming happiness and positivity in her life. Suddenly Pooja sees a tempo comes between her and the ambulance. She is unable to see the ambulance properly when the tempo stops automatically and when Pooja overtakes the tempo she fails to find the ambulance.

Precap – Pooja reaches a hospital and fails to find her mother there.