Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 1st July, 2019 :- Jhanvi and PK Last face off

The episode starts with Jhanvi aka Pooja is telling the Mittal family not to travel in the cars. As it no longer belongs to them but her. Pooja then takes a pipe of water and started spreading it on the ground. Amma asks her what are you doing she says I don’t even want their Shadow in my home so that’s why I am cleaning it. Kabir takes all the family members from there and leaves while giving look to Pooja.

Rani aka Ishani argues with Pooja regarding Kabir. She chases her why she didn’t consider Kabir among the Mittals in spite of knowing that she loves him. Jhanvi asks her to calm down but she gets angry and grabs a vase and says don’t come near me I will kill you di. Pooja moves forward and says you want to kill me ok then hit me and kill me now. Ishani throws the vase on the floor and tells someone that I don’t even want to see her face, I will stay with you from now on. Pooja breaks down on the floor while Rani leaves the Ashok Bhawan.
Amma consoles Pooja and says that revenge is a two-faced gun, it not only kills the person from whom you are taking revenge but also finishers of the person who is taking revenge. Pooja gathers herself together and says, after doing so much for her if still, Rani thinks that I don’t care for her likings then let her be, I can’t help it.
The entire Mittal family gathers in Raghav house. Suman says that I still can’t believe that Jhanvi did all this. Dadaji says that I am reaping the fruits of my son’s evil works. Kabir informs Kavya on phone about the whole incident and tells her, your name is clear from the mess now and I will come soon to see you and Aarush. Kavya says take care of yourself as now you only have to look after your family.

Pooja is walking to and fro in the Ashok Bhavan while thinking about ranees words and her actions. PK and Raghav sit for a drink when Raghav says are you going to surrender yourself tomorrow morning? PK says I haven’t thought about that yet but first of all, I want to take revenge from Jhanvi. Raghav says now please forget about all these and look for settlement in life. I also applied for my transfer to Gwalior and my application is being accepted as well. PK looks on.

In the morning time, Pooja opens her eyes and find PK in front of her. Pk says that I am your nightmare which becomes true today. PK comes near Pooja and says that wounded lion and incomplete revenge never goes right and slaps her. Here Raghav comes to Kabir and says that PK is nowhere to be seen and my gun is also missing. Kabir says dad can never change and goes to look for him. Raghav says to Kabir that I have a rough idea about where PK can take her?

Pk and Pooja are in a cliff area. PK says Jhanvi my most favorite daughter-in-law I always used to wonder if there is something special about you. I used to think that after me if there is anyone who can manage all these things then it’s you. Pooja says you are correct yes I will handle it only. Pk shows her the gun and says whoever has done in this world becomes the king. Pooja says that I can give you advice in free that when you have the gun make use of it before it’s too late. PK asks Pooja that has you ever thought what you will tell your father after going to heaven? Pooja says no never but you should think about it or I will say just say sorry to him. He has a big heart to forgive you easily. PK puts the gun in front of Pooja and says goodbye Jhanvi. At that same moment, Kabir reaches there. Pooja smiles at PK and runs from there. The entire Mittal family arrives at the cliff. Kabir and PK have a fight over the gun when PK’s step slips and he falls from the cliff. The family members including Kabir shouts in shock of the moment whereas Jhanvi rejoices to see this from a corner.

Precap: Jhanvi performs Tandav and Kabir, Dhruv and Raghav is searching for PK’s body in the river below the cliff.