Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 26th June, 2019 Jhanvi to put climax at Mittal Family happiness

The episode starts with Kavya telling Kabir about janvi being Pooja Sharma. On other hand Pooja enters with a file in her hand at the hospital and looks at PK Mittal. She asks him if he is alright? Pk says my enemy was in my own house and I don’t get to know anything about it. My dad is in hospital being paralysed and my server is running behind my enemy. If all these qualifies for being fine then I am a bit better than being fine.

Kavya says Kabir whatever I can be shows from outside but military all she has in her mind is revenge. She is Pooja Sharma only and tell me why will I say lie about Jhanvi bhabhi? Kabir says it can’t be possible and asks Kavya to keep quiet. Kavya goes and came back with the photograph and shows it to Kabir and says see this picture, its Jhanvi bhabi’s picture but Pooja Sharma is written at the back. Why will it happened tell me, is it possible in the normal way? Kavya says that when I got to know about it, I thought I will tell everybody. But you know what no one believed me Kabir. Do you know why?cause someone already painted me as Pooja Sharma in your dad view. You won’t believe my whole life got changed in front of my eyes, my papers, my documents everything was changed after a strange name. Kavya says everything that is wrong with your family including mom being ill or any other thing is happening due to Jhanvi bhabhi.

Jhanvi comes to PK and made him sign the papers she brought. She confuses him in her talks and he couldn’t even read the papers and signed it without even checking. Jhanvi arranges papers in the file and gets up and says I made you stand where you deserve to stand PK Mittal. You have no idea that you are completely finished now.

Kabir says to Kavya that it is not possible whatever you are saying. Aarush gets up and calls Kabir. Kabir goes and hug him and Arush asks where are you all night? me and mum are here since yesterday night. Why don’t you come to take us? At that moment Vyom’s parents come to the temple and ask Kavya to grant them permission for taking away Aarush with them. Kabir says to them that I am requesting you please don’t separate Aarush from Kavya because she has nothing in her life except Aarush. Vyom’s father says that whatever happened we can’t change that so let’s move on in life it positive thinking. Kavya says without Arush I am nothing so for his sake I will go with Vyom’s parents. Kabir told her that the relation of husband and wife between us is ending but the bond of friendship is still there. So for the friendship sake I will find out the truth behind this incident.

kabhi comes to Raghav house and ask him that from where did he get the details about Kavya? Raghav tells him that a person who walks in Kavya orphanage home told me the entire truth. Raghav shows him papers and Kabir checks them. He then ask Raghav about the reality of Ashok Sharma incident. Raghav lies to him and says whatever pk told us is the actual truth and I don’t know why Pooja is thinking that PK is guilty behind her father’s death. Kabir takes the address of the orphanage person and leaves from there. Raghav wife says, “you should have tell Kabir about the actual truth.”

In hospital Suman is feeding Dadaji when Jhanvi signs Ishani about the papers and ask PK that those people want you to examine the land as well which I forgot to tell. She asked him whether he will be able to go today or not? PK says yes I will go and then asks can I come with you like the other times? She tells him that you have always said that I am good luck for you so if you permit I will come with you. PK says yes you are my lucky charm and you can come. Here Kabir comes to the hostel warden office and interrogated about the matter of Kavya. He says that I only wants to listen to the truth and nothing else. That guy called to office helper and Kabir laughs seeing them. He fights with them and threatened the person to beat him more if he don’t reveals the actual story. He finally says that a transgender came to his office and ask him to tell that Kavya is Pooja Sharma in exchange of money.

Jhanvi calls Amma and says that finally the day has arrived when I will complete my revenge. Amma replied if you have made your mind then go ahead and take care as you can get hurt as well. Jhanvi says that today all my wounds will be healed forever. Pk comes and ask her to sit in the car.

Kabir sees the CCTV footage of that women and recognised her as Suhasini devi who came at their bhumi pujan. Jhanvi and PK are in a car where PK says that how foolish of me that my enemy was residing at my own house and I didn’t even get a hint. On the other side Kabir enters Suhasini Devi’s house and confronted her that who tells her to say that Kavya is Pooja Sharma.

Precap – The car stops in a vacant place. Jhanvi brought PK in a garage and locks him inside. She then takes out kerosene from the cars dicky and pours in the garage from outside. PK shouts Jhanvi Open the door, she says I am not Jhanvi, I am Pooja, Pooja Sharma.