Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 27th June, 2019

Kabir asks Amma on whose order she forced warden to change Kavya’s identity as Pooja Sharma. Suhashini pretends who is Kavya and who is Pooja Sharma. Kabir says her face reveals she is guilty and what is her relationship with Jhanvi. Suhashini says he can be PK’s son, but he cannot trouble her, if she makes one call, he will be in deep trouble, so he should get out of here. Kabir leaves. Jhanvi takes PK to an old garage in lieu of meeting with examine the land. PK asks where are they, is this right place. Jahnvi says they are on the way, I am going to check and comes out and locks PK inside. Amma calls her to inform that Kabir knows whole truth now. Jhanvi tells Amma that Kabir is late, she has already finished her task.
Kabir enters again and play Amma’s phone call on his phone. He picks the capsule microphone he hid in Amma’s house, asks to tell the truth now. PK shouts at Jhanvi to open door. Jhanvi throws petrol all around the place and says I am not Jhanvi, I am Dr. Ashok Sharma’s daughter Pooja Sharma, PK will die the death he deserves. PK pleads to spare him, Jhanvi says I was waiting for today from long. Jhanvi informed PK that he had gone bankrupt and he named everything after Jhanvi while signing those papers. PK says take away whatever you want, money, wealth everything but let me go out.
Jhanvi asks him to apologize to her dada. PK pretends to apologizes to Ashok. Jhanvi cries and says her dada is no more hence he has to go up to apologize to him. She throws the burning matches at the garage and PK pleads to get him out.
Amma confess to Kabir the whole truth, how PK manipulated Ashok’s invented drug and burnt him alive, etc. Kabir stands shock and says he cannot believe his dad can do this. Amma says it is difficult to digest bitter truth. Kabir asks Amma where Jhanvi took PK. Jhanvi calls Amma and informs that she took her revenge and burnt her dada’s culprit alive. Kabir hears her conversation on the phone silently, asks Amma to tell where Jhanvi took PK. He is so tensed for his father and says I will not spare Jhanvi. Amma reveals the spot. Jhanvi leaves in her car taking with the signed documents. Kabir reaches there and runs towards factory shouting dad I will save you. He breaks the door and gets PK out and says let us go to the doctor. PK shouts he will take revenge from Jhanvi, she was the snake under their arms. He still can’t believe it’s Jhanvi who did all this. Kabir asks him to stop as he knows the whole truth now, PK stands shocked.

Precap : Jhanvi and Ishani are looking at their dad’s photo says she fulfilled her promise. Amma says PK is still alive and knows everything. PK, Kabir comes at Mittal mansion.