Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 28th June, 2019

The episode starts with Kabir and PK argument on that topic. Kabir says that I am aware of what happened 20 years ago. Dr.Ashok Sharma was not guilty, but you are dad. He didn’t do any crime, he was not rakshas. PK tries to tell him it’s not true, be didn’t do anything. Kabir says there is a limit of speaking lies. This is life dad, you thought that those two girls died that day but no, they come back to avenge and are doing the same thing you did. PK says this are all false claims, that Jhanvi is speaking lies. Kabir says dad please, do you even realise what you did? You killed people, lakhs of people died due to you.
If you consider me as your son for one second in life then say all these are false. PK finally confessed and says what will I do? I didn’t want to kill him but he was after me. If I didn’t do that this house, business, wealth nothing will exist now. Kabir says, you are trying to defend yourself dad. PK says our argument can continue but first I have to take revenge from Jhanvi. Kabir says no, you will go to hospital and confess your crime and then to the police station to surrender yourself. This is what you will do now and that’s final.
Pooja and Ishani takes out the nameplate of ‘Prem Nivas’ from the Mittal house entrance gate and puts the plate of ‘Ashok Nivas’. Rani says ‘di, I am proud of you, you took revenge of dada. Just like that jerk PK burnt our father alive, you did the same with him”. Jhanvi hugs her and goes inside. Here PK and Kabir in hospital where the doctor bandages PK hand and says the wound is not deep but PK says its indeed deep. Dhruv comes and ask what is the scene?and enquires about Jhanvi. PK gets angry on him and says you fool, these all are done by your Jhanvi. She wants to burn me alive. Kabir interferes and says we will talk about it at home. Dhruv says now you have a problem with Jhanvi also. At least think before speaking, PK again gets angry. Kabir asks if we can take dadu home?

Here Jhanvi lights a ‘diya’ in front of her father’s garland picture and says what oath I have taken or whatever promise I made to you, today I accomplished all of that. I snatched everything from PK Mittal and his family. His life, his business, his house everything I snatched from him. Amma comes and says, “maybe PK is not dead yet, Kabir also is aware of everything, actually when you called me, that time Kabir ks not there but he left a chip and listens to our talks. Then the last call is not attended by me but Kabir, he knows everything now. Jhanvi gets angry and they hear a sound of car stopping by.

Mittal family members are coming out of the car when they see that their trolley bags are kept outside of the house. Then they see Jhanvi is coming with two black cats and Ishani and Amma. Chanda says, “I feel someone just expelled us from our house and calls Jhanvi. Pooja shouts and says “I am not Jhanvi, Pooja, Pooja Shrma is my name, can’t you people recall? I am Pooja, the elder daughter of the Late Dr. Ashok Sharma who was burnt alive by this PK Mittal. He even left me and my sister to burn alive as well, now can you remember? All of you are responsible for my father’s death. She kicks the trolley bags and throws it to them and shouts in anger and pain. She says my father was never highly ambitious, he wants nothing. He just wanted his medicine to reach the common people. But PK mittal misused the formula of the drug which resulted in mass deaths. He puts the allegation easily on my father. She says all of you are aware of the truth, she goes to Chanda and asks didn’t you know? Chanda nodes in yes. Suman and Dadaji also nodes in agreement. Pooja says all of you kept quiet and didn’t utter a single word. So now just get out from my house, all of your belongings and stuffs I thrown out of the house so now just get lost.

Dhruv comes forward and says what is all this Jhanvi? You are my Jhanvi right?and my Jhanvi can’t do all this. Pooja smiles sarcastically and says yes, your Jhanvi can’t do all this but I am Pooja. I am not your wife neither the daughter in law of these people. I am only Pooja Sharma and pushes him hard. She told Dhruv that our marriage is also a false case. She had hired fake pandit and convinced Dhruv for marriage in a temple, they all accepted their fake marriage; She should have burnt them all alive like PK burnt her dadda alive.

Kabir asks her to calm down, he will get justice for her. Pooja says you will not understand and you can’t do anything now, it’s too late. PK reacts, but Kabir again stops him and takes family towards car. Rani aka Ishani asks Pooja to stop Kabir but she asks her to behave herself. Pooja taunts Mittals that if they go insane?the cars belong to her now so they should get out without it.

Precap: Raghav asks PK if he will surrender tomorrow? PK says he will take revenge from Jhanvi first. PK and Jhanvi face off.