Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 2nd July 2019 :- Pooja to perform PK last rites with a twist

The episode starts with all members of Mittal family is shouting with PK name from the edge of the cliff whereas Jhanvi is enjoying the whole scene from behind. She remembered moments with her dada, the struggle she did with her sister and how her father died. Meanwhile, Raghav also reaches there, Dhruv runs to him and ask him to look for PK as he fell down from the cliff. Suman also asks him helplessly for help. Raghav asks the fellow policeman to search for PK in the river. Jhanvi leaves from there and returns to Ashok Bhawan and remembered how every member of that family humiliates her and her father at that time. She cries and looks up at the sky and says ‘Dada’.

Here Dhruv asks Kabir how all this happened, Kabir calms him down and says let’s look for dada first. These things can wait for later when Raghav gets a call from his fellow about finding a clue about PK. Dhruv, Kabir and Raghav goes to look for PK, whereas Pooja performs tandav at the Ashok Bhawan. They find a body from water but that is not PK’s body and they think that he died at that river. Here Suman asks everyone not to cry at all and think positive.

Amma calls Pooja and asks what all these are being shown on TV? Pooja says I guess finally the day is going to arrive when my revenge is going to complete forever. The slight incompleteness will be fulfilled by today’s Eve, she cuts the call and gives a sweet box to a servant and asks them to give it to Mittal family.
Here Suman cries so much thinking PK will never be back. Raghav and Kabir has a conversation with each other when Kabir gets to know that he has taken transfer to Gwalior and within tomorrow morning they have to vacant the house. Chanda and every house people gets worried when the bell rang.

Raghav received the parcel and informs all that Pooja sent this. Dhruv says dad used to say right that never leave your enemy to harm you back. Kabir asks him to calm down. He says I am calm and composed only, I have never been this much quiet ever in my life. Kabir hugged Dhruv while he cries his heart out.
Pooja is sitting in PK shok sabha where all are coming to pay last honour to him. She stands up and gives flower petals in front of his pic. She then address the press and says the truth of 20 years ago. Amma listens to her talks, Pooja says I am not Jhanvi Mittal but Pooja Sharma. Please accept me the way I am.

Precap : Pooja and Kabir face off where Pooja humiliates Kabir.