July 18, 2019
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Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 5th July 2019 :- Pooja to change company name

The episode starts with Dhruv is in a bar, he remembers Jhanvi’s words while watching her photos on his mobile. He says that you never love me Jhanvi, then why are you on my phone? Will you now throw me out of my phone too? I will not let it happen and deletes her picture. Meanwhile, he gets a friend over there who talked to him in a cheap way about his marriage and Jhanvi, he gets angry and leaves the bar. Kabir here in the family tell everyone about the certificate. Dadu asks how will you manage to get a job without a certificate? Kabir says I will do something. Suman raises her concerns about Dhruv when Dhruv returns home drunk. Chanda asks her why do you drink in the morning? Dhruv says my marriage with Jhanvi also occurred in the night time, what happened? She said that it was fake. I have had enough of being a good boy now I don’t want to be like this anymore and again goes out. Kabir asks Suman to calm down as he will handle it.
Kabir seats beside Dhruv outside and keeps quiet. Dhruv gets irritated seeing him and lashes out at him. He says to Kabir that he is tired of his wise words and it’s easy to say but hard to do. Now you can taunt me as well, Kabir says I will not say anything, I just came here to sit with no my brother. He asks Dhruv to do whatever he wants but let his agony comes out. Jai & Sonali leave for college and Kabir gave them some money.
Pooja is going to office in the car while she notices Kabir and gets an idea. She runs the car in full force and splashes the mud on his face intentionally. She gears back the car and does the same. Kabir looks up and sees Pooja is coming out of the car. She taunts him for his muddy dress and state and says your time is bad. Pooja is about to leave but her feet twists and she is about to fall on mud. He says if I leave your hands and you fall then there will be no much difference between you and me. He says your bad time starts now, Pooja shows him “I am watching you ” look and Kabir gives back by doing the same to Pooja. She leaves in the car and reaches the office.

All the staffs are standing in a queue and she asks who is interested to work in Mittal Industries? All raise their hand, she says fine then take your remaining salary and leave. A new character named Mr. Chopra comes forward and says I want to work for Sharma Industries. Jhanvi says Mittal industries is no more now this company will run as per my rules. She asks a person to break the nameplate. Later on she ordered Chopra ji to call official head for administrative meeting.

Here Kabir is washing his face with water when a tea vendor says I saw what that madam did to you! This kind of people needs to teach a lesson. Kabir says, of course, they will get a lesson but in my style. Here Jhanvi calls Amma and says she is tensed about what to do and will she able to handle all this? Amma assures her and says you manage your struggling life and now you can manage the business as well. Then she gets a call in her cabin that Kabir Mittal reaches the office. She gets worried that what is Kabir going to do here.

Precap: Kabir in her cabin and asks her to give him a job. Pooja says please text me this kind of jokes. Kabir says you will come to me and offer me a job, Pooja fumes in anger.

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