Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 8th July, 2019 :- Pooja to tackle the first organizal hassle


The episode starts with the company workers approaching Kabir and greets him there. They ask how all these happened and expressed their grievances for PK Mittal. A company worker named Vijay says that he committed a sin today. Pooja madam asked me to break the nameplate of Mittal textile. Kabir assures them about everything will be fine. Here, Pooja is pacing in her cabin to and fro and thinks why will Kabir come here? What he wants now? When Chopra enters her cabin and says I will take care of all these. I will handle Kabir and anything, you don’t take tension.

Kabir is talking to workers when Mr. Chopra goes outside and Kabir is going to hug him when he says to keep the distance. This is an office and you can’t come in like that whenever you feel like. Kabir says I use to think that you are an asslicker of my father but now I got that you are a wolf who can change parties as per preference. They both have a heated argument while Pooja comes there. Vijay complains to Pooja that Chopra sir is talking to Kabir rudely. Pooja asks Kabir what you want? Kabir says in a dramatic style that he wants to talk to her in private. Pooja allows him, they went to her cabin. Kabir goes and lays down with magazines. Pooja asks him to behave properly in her cabin and get done with his talks soon as she doesn’t have the whole day. Kabir stands up and sits on her table and says why are you running on credits of other things. Crediting name, wealth, status everything, your life is now a crediting affair. Pooja gets angry, Kabir then puts forward a shocking demand of getting recruited in the office by her. Pooja laughs and says please text me such jokes often Kabir. Kabir and Pooja have a verbal argument and Kabir says lastly that you will come to me with a job offer by today.

He went to the workers and sit with them. They greet Kabir and asks the boy to bring special tea for Kabir in the cup. Kabir says I will prefer this tea in a glass and give them a plan. Here Pooja and Chopra talk about the office when Chopra tries to manipulate her but she refused and says don’t take the decision for me. You don’t have that right.

Suman talks to Dhruv and asks him to come back to normal life. Chanda aunty also scolds him for sitting at home like that. Kabir enters and says I didn’t get any job today but I am guessing within tonight I will get an offer. Here in the company, the workers complained that the canteen food is not ok and they are feeling sick. Pooja at first fire them but then Chopra tells her that this is against corporate law. She mends her ways and asks them to go back to their work as she will take care of things.

Precap: Pooja comes to Mittal house to offer Kabir a job.

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