Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna Written Update 9th July 2019 :- Jhanvi offers Kabir job in her company

The episode starts with Jay is sitting with his girlfriend in the college cafeteria. He tells her everything and says we are in distress state, now where we are living is smaller than our old house bathroom. You please don’t go anywhere leaving me. Ishika says you are still not able to identify human beings, your Jhanvi bhabhi turns out to be a monster whereas you never get enough of doing her praises. Sonali comes there and greets Ishika, she takes leave for class and asks Jay to join her for a night party. Sonali inquiries him about which party plan is in making? and how you are going to assemble so much money for it? Jay asks her for help. She hands over him whatever money she has in her purse. She asks Jay to behave himself and change his lifestyle. Things are not the same like before, Jay gets upset.
Pooja calls Amma and talks about Kabir, she tells her, he provoked workers against me. Amma tells her that doesn’t let Kabir do the job in the office.

Here the Mittal family is doing dinner together at a small tea table. When suddenly two people entered and start to clean the surface. Chanda asks them to let them eat first before doing anything when Pooja enters. Everyone gets annoyed and shocked to see her there. Pooja says actually the door is not clean enough that is why I ask them to clean it. Dhruv gets aggressive and angry seeing her but Kabir stops him. Chanda asks Pooja will you go out with your own will or I have to put extra efforts for it. Pooja says don’t shout much or else if you get a heart attack then it won’t be easy anymore to get a doctor. She tells everyone that she has good news for them all and asks her helpers to bring in the sweet boxes. She says actually I made mind for giving Kabir job in our company. Everyone gets shocked when she steps forward and asks Kabir to give her the single penny. Kabir says to her, we are traditionally rich and affluent family, so royalty is something we know. Hence, with due respect to you, I am accepting your offer. Pooja says to him that I am having my eyes on you, Kabir returns the same gesture.

Pooja left from there when Kabir gets back to eat while all stand stunned. Suddenly Dhruv went and threw all the boxes of sweet on the floor. Kabir stops him and asks him to behave. Dhruv says I am sorry that I destroy your happiness. You got a job in someone’s company who used to be my wife once. She snatched everything from me now. Kabir makes all understand that he has no certificate of his. How will he get a job without them? He tried but didn’t get that is why he has to accept the offer to run the expenses of the family. Dadu also says Kabir you are doing wrong. Kabir goes out of the house when Suman comes and sits beside him. She asks you have to tell me why did you say yes?

Here Amma says to Pooja I told you to be away from Kabir, he is very smart and intelligent. Here parallelly Kabir says I want to be around Pooja and only then I will be able to get things back from her which she took away. I have nothing against her, she has a problem with dad and she took her revenge but why my family, me. What harm did we cause to her? I will get everything back from her. Pooja here also says I know Kabir wants to get back everything from me, that is why he needs to be here so that I can keep an eye on him. Suman says you are taking up a risk here, I hope you can conquer your goal.

In the morning, Suman does aarti of Kabir and ties a thread in his hand. Kabir smiles and says you are behaving as if I am going on the border, Dhruv comes there and taunt him. He says I am going to my place, I will drink with my own money. Kabir says I will not give you my salary as well. Dhruv says go office in time or else your boss will throw us out from this house as well. Kabir gets upset and tells Suman you can see all this! Pooja has to pay the bills for all these damages and looks determined.
Pooja calls Amma and asks about Ishani. She says she did her breakfast but she didn’t yet. Amma asks what is made for breakfast? Jhanvi says Rajbhog is in deserts. Amma says but you don’t like it all its Rani’s …and stops. Pooja says I see a dream every day that I am having breakfast with my little sister. What if she comes someday and asks what is this? Where is my favorite sweet? Pooja swipes off her tears and says today is Kabir first day at the job and I want to welcome him grandly.

Precap – Kabir enters the office Jhanvi says what do you think you got a senior post? You have to work in a factory like other workers. She stepped on his uniform and goes. Kabir keeps calm.