Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 10th March 2020 Written Update: Shravan and Suman become friends

The episode starts with Dadu telling everybody that the soldiers are injured but are safe. He asks where Suman is.

Devika shouts Shravan’s name but he immediately leaves on his bike seeing her before she could reach him.

Suman is making a drawing. Dadu asks her why she isn’t talking to him after he told her that Vijay is safe. Suman says that he didn’t tell her if he is injured or not. Dadu says that he doesn’t know that and makes her understand that the family is always worried for soldiers but they have to become their strength not weakness. Suman understands. Dadu leaves. Suman thinks that Dadu is right but she can’t stop worrying about her father.

Shravan calls Suman and says that it seems like she is becoming like him after staying with him for long and started bunking finally. Suman tells him that in the morning they got to know that some soldiers who went for the operation for which also Vijay went got injured. Shravan asks her about Vijay and she says they don’t know. Shravan scolds him for not telling him about that earlier and says he will come immediately.

After a while Shravan comes in Suman’s house with his family. Veena says that she shall bring chai for everyone. Shravan says that he will make it since he knows a perfect recipe, just like Suman likes. Veena goes in kitchen with him. Devraj and Kavita talk with Anjali and Dadu about Vijay.

Later Shravan brings chai for Suman in the room and sees her drawing there. He goes on balcony and gives chai to Suman and compliments with her about her drawing. Suman throws it and says it’s nothing. Shravan picks it up and says that it has her emotions. Suman says that he should have not disturbed his family. Shravan says that Vijay and Devraj are friends. He asks her why she is so sad since all this is part of army life. Suman says that they get worried when someone dear goes on mission. Shravan says that he will get worried about her too when she will go to missions since they are buddies. Shravan makes Suman laugh. Just then Suman hears the noise of Vijay’s car and immediately rushes downstairs.

The two families go out and welcome Vijay who has injured his arm. Suman rushes to him. Dadu hugs him too. Ramesh says that they got very scared. Vijay says that army families should not be scared like this.

All of them go inside. Ramesh tells Vijay that Malhotra family gave them huge support. Anjali says that Shravan changed the whole mood. Vijay praises him.

Shravan gets Devika’s call and goes out. Suman goes behind him. He talks to her the way he talks to Bunty and Sahib without any formality. Suman asks him if they are friends now. Shravan says they are and brings ahead his hand. Title track plays. Suman recalls their moments and shaking his hand after becoming buddies. She smiles and shakes Shravan’s hand.

Shravan tells Suman that she missed her a lot in the school. Suman asks him if his girlfriend hadn’t come. Shravan recalls Devika’s torture. He says that Devika is so nice. He gets Devika’s call and picks it up. He talks with her in a cheesy way in front of Suman but then makes an annoyed expression going aside.

Kanchan comes with pakode for Suman and Shravan. She pulls Suman’s leg. Suman tells her that Devika is Shravans’s girlfriend. When Shravan comes back to them, Kanchan scares him telling him how Devika treated her ex-boyfriend who ended up going back to his village. Shravan gets tensed.

In the evening Devika scolds Shravan for not calling her. She annoys him. Suman looks at him from balcony. Shravan sees her and starts talking romantically again.

Ramesh sees Dadu crying and asks him to control himself. Vijay comes and asks him what happened. He sees his brother’s picture and understands. Dadu asks Vijay and Ramesh to promise him that they won’t leave him. Vijay says that a soldiers can’t promise that. Ramesh starts crying too seeing Dadu crying. Dadu and Vijay laugh at him.

Devika asks Shravan a selfie making pout. Shravan sends it to Suman mistakenly. Suman laughs seeing the pictrues and calls him. Shravan realizes his mistake and says that he treats his friends like this only. Suman pulls his leg for the selfie and laughs calling him Barbie doll.

Kanchan asks Suman not to make a stud a Barbie doll. Suman says that they are friends so now she can call him whatever she wants.

Episode ends

Precap:Bunty and Suman decides to teach Shravan a lesson so Bunty starts calling Devika as “Bhabhi”. Shravan asks him and Suman what they are doing.