Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 11th March 2020 Written Update: SUMAN PLANS TO MAKE FUN OF SHRAVAN

The episode starts withBunty and Shravan going somewhere on bike. Bunty says that he has gotten far from him since he has joined army school. Shravan complains with him about Devika. Just then Devika, who is on road too, shouts his name.

Shravan stops near her. Devika asks Bunty to get off from the bike as she will go with Shravan. Both Shravan and Bunty are not happy with it.

Kavita asks Devraj what happened since he looks angry. Devraj says that his colleagues think that he can get everything from Vijay since they are friends. Kavita says that Vijay is unwell. Devraj says that Vijay doesn’t like mixing professional and personal life even if he is well.

Bunty asks Suman to give him a lift after seeing her on car with Vijay and Dadu. Suman asks Bunty about his leg fracture and his girlfriend. She catches all the lies Shravan had told and asks Bunty why he lied with him. Bunty says that Shravan’s reputation would get affected if everybody came to know that Devika, his own girlfriend, was harassing him. Suman suggests teaching Shravan a lesson. Bunty accepts.

Shravan’s bike has broken down too. Devika starts imagining stuff and Shravan asks him to put a hold on her imagination. Dadu, Vijay, Bunty and Suman come there on car. Vijay asks Shravan and Devika to come up with them. Shravan is hesitant but Vijay convinces him so Devika and Shravan sit with them.

On the other hand Kavita comes to Suman’s house and give them a handmade dish. Veena compliments her for her bangle. Kavita tells her that her mother gifted her that. Veena says that she never had the possibility to get one. Veena shares with her also that they need money to open a new store for their Ayurveda products. Kanchan hears their conversation and gets angry. After Kavita leaves, Kanchan asks Veena why she talked about all this with Kavita. Veena asks if she should ask her what she should talk about or not.

Devika glares at Suman recalling Shravan telling him that Suman is desperately behind him. She smiles looking at Bunty. Suman asks Bunty why she did that. Bunty says that she must be jealous of her beauty. Devika says that Bunty is very sweet. Shravan grits her teeth and says that he is over sweet. Suman says that Bunty told her that Shravan is a very good badminton player and asks Shravan why he doesn’t teach her. Bunty says that he is a champion but can’t teach everybody or else everyone will become competition. Devika asks Shravan to teach him and asks Bunty to tell more stuff about Shravan. Bunty starts talking.

After a while they all reach the clinic. Vijay asks Shravan to give Sanjay the key of the bike as he will get it to the mechanic. Dadu asks Suman to wait outside while they go to the doctor. Vijay suggests them to have ice cream in the meantime and then leaves with Dadu.

Shravan notices that Suman is a bit sad and offers him ice cream since he has to give him back the 48inr to cheer her up. Vijay looks at them and smiles.

Shravan, Suman, Devika and Bunty go out to have ice cream. Shravan sees a handicapped man having problems to come out from auto and asks Bunty and Devika to go to get ice creams. He helps the man. Suman gets impressed by him.

Bunty and Devika come with ice creams. Devika accidentally drops Shravan’s one so Suman gives him her ice cream saying that she doesn’t like it.

Doctor gives Vijay one month of bed rest.

Bunty asks Devika if he should bring chai and calls her Bhabhi. Devika says that she doesn’t have chai but coffee but just had ice cream so won’t have it. Suman suggests Bunty to bring cold juice for his Bhabhi. Devika refuses.

Vijay comes and tells Suman that he has been asked to stay home for a month. He asks Devika where she lives as they shall drop her too but Shravan says that she lives near only so Bunty will drop her. Devika glares at him and then leaves with Bunty.

After a while, Suman and Shravan are sitting on car. Suman tells Shravan that Bunty told her that he solved his problem with his girlfriend. Shravan wonders if Bunty told her about Devika but then says that he can’t do that. Suman asks Shravan about the problem between Bunty and his girlfriend and Shravan starts listing all the problems he has with Devika ending up saying that his life has been ruined. Suman asks him why he is saying his life when she is Bunty’s girlfriend. Shravan says that it happened after hearing Bunty’s talks.

Vijay asks Suman to get the medicines going on bike with Shravan so the two get off from the car.

While Sanjay is fixing the bike, Suman asks Shravan what he told to Bunty’s girlfriend. Shravan tells her that he told him that she should give space in relationship. Just then Devika calls him continuously. Shravan makes an excuse and goes to attend call aside.

Suman thinks that she knows the truth but Shravan doesn’t know that she knows it so this is the perfect situation to make fun of him.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan and Suman rehearse for the play. Devika comes. Suman suggests Shravan to rehearse with Devika. Shravan says that he will avenge this.