Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 12th March 2020 Written Update: SUMAN ENJOYS MAKING FUN OF SHRAVAN

The episode starts withDevika asking Shravan to do something so that they can sit together also in classroom. Just then Suman comes and Devika glares at her while Shravan smiles. Devika says that they shall meet in recess and leaves.

Suman asks Shravan if there is any problem since he has a sad face. Shravan says that he is going to have lunch with Devika in the recess. Suman asks what is the problem them. Shravan replies that he can’t sit with Devika so he is sad.

Just then Captain comes and says that today there won’t be recess since they have to rehearse for the annual function. Shravan gets very happy since there won’t be any recess and he will skip the lunch with Devika.

Anjali and Vijay decide to talk with Sumanabout what she is willing to do after 12th after her parade.

Devika searches for Shravan. Aneesh calls her to sit near him and says that he can find out where Shravan is seeing Saheb. Devika thanks him. Aneesh asks Saheb to sit near them and asks him when Shravan’s rehearsal will start.

Later the teacher explains the scene to Shravan and Suman and reminds them to feel their characters. The two go on stage to rehearse. Saheb wishes all the best to Shravan.

Suman and Shravan’s hugging scene is about to happen when Devika comes and Shravan stops seeing her. Suman looks at him. Shravan says that he feels a bit shy. Suman sees Devika and understands. She calls Devika on the stage and asks her to stay there and motivate Shravan. Devika says that Shravan doesn’t need her but Shravan says that he was about to call her but forgot because of the tension of the play. Suman suggests him to rehearse with Devika once thinking that she is Heer, the lead of the play but Shravan says that he is scared to cross his line. He asks Devika to sit while they rehearse once again.

Devika goes to sit. Shravan thinks that now he shall get a bit of fun understanding that Suman is making fun of him. He starts over acting and hugging Suman tightly. Suman asks him what he is doing. Shravan says that he is doing what he would have done with Devika and is about to kiss her hands but Suman takes them back and says they will rehearse in front of the teacher and it is enough for now. Devika gets angry seeing their proximity and leaves. Suman laughs.

Shravan goes to Saheb and asks him if he told Devika about the timing of rehearsal. Saheb replies that he did. Shravan says that he should not have trusted him and is about to say that he is civilian after all but stops realizing what he is saying. He leaves. Suman laughs amused.

Devika comes outside and bumps into Aneesh. He asks her what happened since she looks sad. Shravan comes and says that it is a matter between them. She takes Devika aside. Devika says that he was hugging Suman so tightly in front of her eyes so what they must be doing behind her. Shravan says that it was Suman who asked him to imagine Devika on her place and get the feels. Devika asks him if he was imagining her there and if it’s all Suman’s fault. He says yes and says that it is just because he has a magnetic personality. Devika laughs and they leave. Aneesh looks at them and wonders what Suman finds in Shravan.

Suman and Kanchan laugh making fun of Shravan. They get on the bus. Aneesh hears them and thinks that Suman doesn’t seem interested on Shravan so he must be lying. He decides to find out the truth.

Kavita suggests Devraj to invest money in Ramesh’s business.

Bunty calls Suman. Kanchan asks her why he is calling her. Suman reveals her that Bunty is with her in the mission for teaching Shravan a lesson and then asks Bunty to ask Shravan what happened during rehearsal. Bunty gets happy and says that now it’s his turn of making fun of Shravan and he won’t spare him.

Just then Shravan comes near Bunty and asks him what he is talking about. Bunty cuts the call and makes an excuse to Shravan. He then asks Shravan about the rehearsal. Shravan complains about Suman who keeps annoying her taking Devika’s name. Bunty calls Devika “Bhabhi” again so Shravan scolds him.

Later Suman brings Kheer to Shravan’s house. Kavita thanks her and asks her to sit. Suman sits near Avni and asks her where Shravan is. Avni tells her that Shravan is out. They end up talking about Shravan’s girlfriend and Avni tells her that Shravan told her he is fed up with Devika. Suman says that he is very happy with his girlfriend not annoyed. Avni wonders why Shravan lied to her.

Just then Shravan comes and Suman leaves after greeting her.

Avni questions Shravan about his girlfriend. Kavita hears that and asks Shravan if he really has a girlfriend. Shravan makes an excuse and leaves. Kavita says that she should be Punjabi only.

Kanchan and Suman are on balcony. They see Shravan in his room. He removes his shirt and Suman calls him idiot shutting her eyes. Shravan sees them and goes aside. Kanchan and Suman laugh at him.

Shravan comes on the balcony too and starts showing off his muscles. Suman and Shravan look at each other smiling. Kanchan asks Suman why they are exchanging smiles. Suman says that she is really happy while he is hiding his tears after losing against Sumo. Kanchan makes her realize that she has called herself Sumo. Suman says that this is the result of talking a lot with Shravan. They leave.

Shravan says that Suman shouldn’t have trapped him like this and the day he will know the reason behind her plan he will take revenge.

Episode ends

Precap: Bunty asks Suman how she has scared Shravan. Suman says that Shravan is so coward that he changes his direction seeing her. Bunty asks her what to ask Shravan now. Shravan speaks from behind and say that he should ask him why his friend betrayed him. Bunty looks at him shocked. Later Shravan stops Suman and says that he has understood her game that she is playing with him by taking Devika’s name continuously. He tells her that Bunty revealed him everything.