Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 13th March 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN DECIDES TO BREAK UP WITH DEVIKA

The episode starts with Suman coming in the classroom and Saheb tells her that Shravan exchanged his seat with him. Suman says that it is against the buddy system. Saheb says that there are no more fights between civilians and army students so it’s ok. Suman sits with him while Shravan is sitting with Aneesh. Devika gets happy seeing that.

Later Suman asks Shravan to sit with her in the canteen but he makes an excuse and leaves. Suman says that she will enjoy annoying him more if he escapes like this.

Aneesh asks Kanchan about Suman’s whereabouts since there is an issue. Aneesh asks Kanchan if Suman is dating Shravan. Kanchan denies that. Aneesh asks about Devika. Kanchan tells him that Suman is making fun of Shravan using Devika and leaves.

Aneesh tells his friend that now they shall teach Shravan a lesson since if Suman gets to know what rumors he is spreading about her, she won’t spare him. Aneesh looks at Shravan and Devika and then also Suman and says that now he will expose Shravan.

On the other hand Devraj asks Ramesh how much money he needs for his business since Kavita told him about it. Ramesh is hesitant and asks him time to think about the offer.

Kanchan tells Suman her horoscope. Bunty calls Suman who picks up the call. Bunty asks Suman how she irritated Shravan and what he should ask him now. Suman tells him some questions to ask Shravan to irritate him and make fun of him but just then Shravan comes and says that he should ask him why his friend betrayed him.

Bunty immediately cuts the call. Shravan gets angry and threatens Bunty to hit him but he calms him down and says that he is on his side now against Suman who created rift between two friends.

Aneesh and his friends plan to invite Shravan in the party and teach him a lesson.

Veena encourages Ramesh to talk with Vijay about the investment by Devraj but he is hesitant. Vijay is about to fall but Ramesh immediately rushes to him and holds him. Veena asks him if he is fine. Vijay says that his brother is there to support him so nothing will happen to him.

Shravan stops his bike in front of Suman who asks him to show off in front of Devika only. Shravan gets off his bike and says that he knows about the game she is playing with his best friend taking Devika’s name continuously. He tells Suman that Bunty confessed everything after beating him and asks her what he should do with her. Suman says that civilians are cowards. Shravan says that they are just good and honest friends. Suman asks him why he lied so much about Devika then. Shravan says that she could have confronted him about it. Suman blames him for insulting Devika by badmouthing about her with Bunty and Avni. Shravan says that he is going to break up with Devika then and asks her to keep his speeches for herself. He leaves. Suman calls him loser and leaves.

Suman and Shravan get home and they complain about each other with Kanchan and Avni respectively. Avni tells Shravan that Suman is right since he should not hurt the person who loves him. Suman asks Kanchan not to take Shravan’s side too. Both of Suman and Shravan decide not to talk with each other anymore.

At night Shravan asks Devraj why he is not sleeping yet. Devraj says that he is tensed. Shravan asks him what’s his new stress now. Devraj says that he is afraid of not satisfying army people for his deal. Shravan assures him that he will get the deal. Devraj asks him to go to sleep. He leaves.

The next day Devika is eagerly waiting for Shravan to come in the classroom. He comes and puts his bag near Suman and then goes to Devika. Suman thinks that Devika got so happy seeing him but he is heartless and he is going to blame her only.

Shravan tells Devika that he wants to talk with her about their relationship but he doesn’t break up and says that he wants their relationship to work smoothly so they should talk in break. Suman gets surprised seeing that.

Shravan goes to sit near suman and says that he did this after Avni convinced him not for her. Suman doesn’t want to talk with him.

Later Aneesh invited Saheb and Shravan to his party. Saheb accepts but Shravan says it isn’t possible so Saheb refuses too. Shravan asks Aneesh to show him pictures of the party though and leaves.

Shravan goes to Devika who says that she has agreed to go in the party so he should come too but Shravan refuses. Devika gets sad.

Shravan and Saheb leave and Shravan asks him about Suman’s whereabouts. He tells him that he is in physical education class.

Shravan goes to Suman and runs with her asking her not to be angry with him. He confesses that he followed her idea of not breaking up with Devika and not Avni’s. Coach asks him to leave and he leaves. Suman laughs.

Epiosde ends

Precap: Shravan asks Suman what should be seen in a person before making him/her boyfriend or girlfriend. Suman tells him about that and Shravan thinks that he feels all of that with Suman only and wonders if she is the one.