Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 14th February 2020 Written Update: Shravan is placed in Suman and Anish’s section

The episode starts with Shravan stomping while walking. He asks people who are looking at them to look away. He calls a guy named Sahil from behind. Sahil asks him how he ended up in such a school despite being so cool. He says that someone must have taken revenge from him. Just then Suman calls Shravan. Sahil gets surprised and says “grade one”. Shravan tells him that she is the one who took revenge.

Suman scolds Shravan because she got taunted by someone for his father’s name. She bashes him calling him undisciplined and with other names since he isn’t ready to accept his mistake. She leaves.

Shravan asks Sahil if he saw her attitude. Sahil replies that he is looking at his attitude since a girl from grade one talked with him the first day itself. Shravan calls him desperate and asks him to explain this grade system. Sahil explains him that the child’s of officers sit in the bus and are of grade one while then there are junior officer’s sons and daughters who are grade two and at the end people like them who are grade three. Shravan says that there are more civilians in the country and they are smarter too. He swears to put an end to this grades system.

Vijay cooks while singing. Suman and Kanchav come and compliment for the smell. Suman asks Vijay if he has started watching her mother’s cookery channel but he says that he learnt the recipe in the camp. He asks Kanchav to taste the dish and she says it’s very good. They sit to have meal together. Vijay asks them how the day was. Suman says that it was ok and tells him what happened with Shravan. She says that she is afraid that Shravan may ruin his name since he doesn’t seem like one who will learn discipline soon.

On the other hand also Devraj asks Shravan how the first day was. Shravan lies that it was first class and also says that there is nothing different from normal schools. Devraj is confused. Kavita comes and says that she knew he would make her proud. She says that she will bring milkshake for him and goes. Devraj isn’t convinced and asks Shravan if there wasn’t any problem in the school. Shravan denies that but just then Damru comes and says that Suman sent first aid box for him since he got hurt on kneels.

Kavita comes and gets worried hearing that. Shravan says that it’s fine and asks Damru to give back the first aid box to Suman but Damru gives it to Shravan and asks him to give it back to Suman himself if he wants since she had ordered her to give medicine and he can’t ignore the order. He leaves. Shravan gets angry again on Suman. Devraj asks Kavita not to worry since Shravan is strong and won’t get hurt for such tiny injuries.

Later Bunty waits for Shravan who comes and tells him that they broke her legs in the first day itself. He asks Bunty to stand on line for him. Bunty complains but then goes. Shravan looks at the girls coming out of the gym and says that outside everything is first class and he should check inside too.

Shravan sees Suman and Anish playing tennis there and glares at Suman saying that he will stay on him like bad luck. Anish goes to him and taunts him. Suman taunts him back. Bunty comes and tells him that his form has been submitted so from tomorrow he can join. Shravan asks Suman and Anish when they come there so he will avoid those hours in order to avoid seeing their faces. Suman challenges Shravan for a tennis match but he says he is not in the mood. Anish says that civilians are very good in making excuses. Suman asks Shravan why he doesn’t want to play now that his knee is apparently fine too. Shravan repeats that he is not in the mood. Suman leaves. Anish is about to follow her but then stops and threatens Shravan that he will make his life difficult in the academy. Shravan and Bunty make fun of Anish who leaves frustrated.

The next morning Suman sits on bus next to her friend Devika. Shravan comes on his bike and says hi. Suman asks him not to say hi to her. Shravan says that he is greeting her sweet sister. Kanchav smiles to him. Anish says that today they will do Shravan’s ragging but Suman asks them to spare him since he is her responsibility. Anish accepts. Suman hopes Shravan isn’t in her section.

Shravan meets Bopali, the peon, who helps him to apply for uniform and then tells him that he can ask him for anything but just when Shravan starts talking the Captain comes and Bopali leaves. Captain asks Shravan why he didn’t come for the assembly. Shravan says that he hasn’t the uniform yet but has applied for it. Captain leaves but just then the principle come and asks him to follow him as he will take him to his classroom.

Bakshi takes Shravan to his class and it’sSuman and Anish’s section. Shravan glares at Suman.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asks the students from civilian background to write their name for the audition. Anish tells Shravan that he and his team have been performing since the day he has arrived. They challenge each other.