Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 16th March 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN STARTS FEELING FOR SUMAN

The episode starts with Suman making Shravan understand that he needs to talk with Devika and sort out all the problems instead of escaping from her or breaking up. Shravan agrees and later goes to talk with Devika about their relationship. He explains her that she should give some space to him and not message him continuously. Surprisingly for Shravan, Devika agrees. He gets happy.

After a while Suman and Kanchan come back home. Suman is very happy. They have a quality time with Vijay and Anjali and laugh together. Vijay says that he is able to defeat bullets also just for these smiling faces and come back from war.

Shravan comes home happily. Avni asks him if this is the mood after break up. Shravan says that this is the ultimate mood after patch up. He shares with Avni that he listened to Suman and confronted Devika and she understood. He says that he should have listened to Suman before only and says that she is a bit weird but nice. He is in very good mood.

On the other Suman shares what happened with Kanchan and says that Shravan is sweet. Kanchan is surprised hearing her praising Shravan. Shravan gets a message and thinks it’s Bunty but it is Devika who has sent him a lot of messages, has left a lot of missed calls and is asking him to reply whenever he gets time.

Devraj gives money for the investment to Ramesh who asks him about interest. Devraj says that he doesn’t need to give interest but Ramesh insists so Devraj asks him to decide himself. Ramesh says that he will give the market interest then. Ramesh asks him not to tell about this deal to Vijay. Devraj agrees saying that he understands that it is their house matter.

The next morning Devraj asks Kavita to get ready for parents teachers meeting. Shravan doesn’t want both of them to come but Devraj doesn’t listen to him. Later the teacher tells Kavita and Devraj that Shravan has a high IQ level but doesn’t do hard work, he isn’t focused.

Aneesh and his friend looks at them and mocks Shravan. Aneesh’s friend says that they should go and talk to Shravan’s parents so he gets scolded more but Aneesh says that they will teach him a lesson in the party only. His friend asks how they will convince Shravan to come to the party. Aneesh asks him to wait and watch.
Aneesh walks towards Shravan and his parents. Shravan widens his eyes seeing him but Aneesh just comes there and takes blessings from Devraj and Kavita and introduces himself as Shravan’s classmate. Shravan looks at him surprised. Devraj and Kavita see Vijay and go to him.

Shravan is confused seeing Aneesh’s kind behavior. He goes to his parents too. Devraj and Shravan ask Vijay how he is and he replies that he is happy hearing so many praises for his daughter. Devraj and Kavita glare at Shravan who thinks that he had to talk with Suman about her failed plan but she is nowhere.

Shravan goes to search for Suman and looks for her in the corridor but he sees Devika and turns around. He sees Kanchan and asks her about Suman. Kanchan tells Shravan that Suman thinks he is sweet and sensible. She says that her sister got crazy and is so happy since she has helped him out with Devika. Shravan is surprised to hear that. Kanchan leaves. Shravan looks at Suman who is laughing and talking with her friends and recalls Kanchan’s words smiling.

Shravan looks at Devika. Just then Suman comes to him and asks him if he sorted out everything with Devika. Shravan stares at her lost and just smiles and nods in a yes. He says that Devika understood everything. Suman says that it is because he made her feel secure. He just listens to Suman while she talks and keeps smiling. (Episode ends)

Precap: Shravan asks Suman what should be seen in a person before making him/her boyfriend or girlfriend. Suman tells him about that and Shravan thinks that he feels all of that with Suman only and wonders if she is the one.