Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 17th February 2020 Written Update: Anish and his gang poke Shravan

The episode starts with Shravan introduces himself to the class and takes his seat. The professor asks Anish to welcome the new classmate while he goes to meet Mr. Bakshi.

Anish stands up and says that Shravan is from civilian background so he will have difficulties to adjust in this school. Everybody laughs. Anish asks Shravan to tell the national song of India. Shravan says Jaana Gana Maana but everybody laughs because he doesn’t know the difference between national song and national anthem. Anish asks him to go outside for punishment. Everybody laughs again. Suman says thankfully he proved that he is unfit for this institute. Shrava stands in front of everybody and explains that he knows that Vandhe Matram is the national song and also gives its details but adds that some sense of humour is needed too in life and civilians like to do more than showing off. Suman is impressed.

Later Shravan comes in canteen with his friend Sahil but there is no place to sit. Anish looks at them. Shravan walks towards him and asks if they are done. Sahil tells him that they will stay seated until the bell rings. Anish ignores them and keeps talking to his friends ordering some more food. Shravan asks him to leave but Anish makes fun of him. Shravan asks him if he isn’t willing to leave. Anish says he won’t. Sahil asks him to leave. Anish asks Shravan to listen to his friend or else he will get beaten. Shravan is about to punch him but Suman stops him and scolds Anish who leaves with his gang.

Suman asks Shravan to stay away from Anish or else he will get beaten. Shravan asks her to stop behaving like her mummy. Suman thanks him for removing a responsibility from her and wishes him good luck. She leaves. Anish thinks that now that Suman isn’t protecting him, they won’t spare Shravan.

Sahil warns Shravan too but he asks him to sit. He reveals Sahil that he had memorized the national anthem last night because he had expected all this. He also says that he doesn’t need Suman to protect him.

The next morning Vijay joins Suman and Dadu for walk. Suman challenges him for a race but Vijay has to leave soon so he keeps the race as due. Suman gets sad. Vijay tells her that a soldier should be bid adieu with a smile only so that he can come back to see that smile.

Devraj joins them for the walk too. Vijay says that Shrav could have come too but Devraj says that he is sleeping. Suman says that he can’t wake up so early obviously being Shravan. She apologizes for the comment immediately but Devraj says it’s ok.

Dadu and Suman go to the park while Devraj and Vijay continue walking. They meet Vijay’s trainer who compliments him for the medal. Vijay introduces him and Devraj to each other. They shake hands and Devraj says that he will need him soon. When the trainer leaves, Vijay tells Devraj that he shouldn’t mix friendship and work. Devraj agrees.

Later Shravan is seen starting his bike saying that now some action reaction should happen. He reach the school and looks for parking but grade one students park on the place he had seen. They ask him to get parking car first. Shravan says that he will get it soo but for now they can move their bike a little so there will be space for his bike too. Anish whistles. Shravan looks at him and then leaves after smirking. Anish is disappointed because he couldn’t make him angry.

Later Shravan slips while running and falls down. Suman is about to go to her but then recalls that he had asked her to stay away since he can take his care himself. Captain asks them why they stopped and if there is any problem. Shrava says there isn’t any problem. They start running again. Sahil tells Shravan that he saw a girl making him sleep intentionally and suggests him to tell about it to the sir but Shravan says that the right time is yet to come because they are in majority for now.

After a while Shravan is in the library to take books. Anish and his friend laugh hearing that Shravan is willing to top and mock him. Shravan gets angry. Suman looks at them. Shravan looks at her too. Suman wonders what she is thinking about.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asks grade three students to give their names too for the festival since they have the right too to participate in it just like grade one and grade two students. Later Sahil and Shravan try getting a list of students with civilian background but someone sees them.