Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 17th March 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN IS IN LOVE WITH SUMAN

Suman convinces Shravan to introduce Devika to his parents.

Later Shravan is with Devraj and Kavita when Devika comes. Shravan gets scared. Devraj wonders who she is. Kavita says that she must be Shravan’s classmate.

Devika comes and says that she and Saheb were searching for him only. Shravan introduces her to his parents as a classmate and friend just like Suman and Saheb. Devika gets angry and says that he should go on ride on bike and bunk classes with them only. Devraj glares at Shravan. Devika says that she is Shravan’s special friend and also shows the bracelet Shravan had gifted her to his parents.

Suman sees Devika showing the bracelet and wonders if her idea was wrong.

Devika leaves. Devraj starts to walk away too saying they are getting late. Kavita asks Shravan if she is the same Devika about whom Avni was talking. Before Shravancould reply, Devraj asks them to move as they are getting late.

Once in the car Devraj says that he gave him a bike so that he could travel easily but he is roaming with girls and giving gifts. He says that he should concentrate on studies. Kavita takes Shravan’s side. Devraj scolds Shravan a lot.

In the evening Shravan complains about Devika with Suman while talking on phone. Suman asks him to leave all that and asks him what he likes in Devika. He says that he is hot, beautiful and grade 1 girl and such girls don’t get conquered easily but he did that so got a lot of popularity in the school. Suman scolds him for looking at these things in a girl. Shravan asks her to explain what should be looked in a girl or boy before making girlfriend or boyfriend. She explains and Shravan compliments her for her research. She says that she didn’t do any research but has this type of relation in her house itself. Shravan says that he and Devika don’t share such a relation. Suman asks him to talk with Devika straightly tomorrow. He is hesitant. She says that he should stop hurting Devika just to impress others and asks him why he didn’t tell him about Devika when she asked him to introduce her to his family.

Shravan tells her that he was going to talk to her about it but Kanchan told him that she finds him sweet and sensible and he wanted to keep that impression. Shravan says that she doesn’t know how she praised him so much. She says that she isn’t always angry though and smiles too. She asks him to look at her as both are standing on balcony. Shravan looks at Suman who is smiling and gets lost in her. She leaves. Shravan recalls her words and wonders if she is the right girl for him since he has those feelings for her but then thinks that he shouldn’t hurry with Suman.

The next morning Devraj wishes good morning to Vijay who asks him to come to have tea. Devraj says that he is coming. Kavita comes with tea for him but Devraj says that he is going to have tea with Vijay.

Devraj sees Shravan yawning and says that he should come with him to have tea with Tiwari family after taunting him. Shravan says that he feels vomit having tea in the morning. Devraj scolds him and says that he brought him in an army colony so that he could learn something but he isn’t going to learn anything by staying at home. Devraj leaves.

Shravan recalls Suman’s words and smiles. He looks in her house trying to find where she is but isn’t able to see her. He gets Devika’s call and cuts it. Just then he sees Suman watering flower pots and smiles. He stops Devraj who is leaving and says that he will come too. He asks him to wait as he is going to brush his teeth. Devraj says that today’s generation is very confused.

Devraj and Shravan come in Tiwari house. Shravan stares at Suman watering flowers and gets lost in her memories. The title track plays.

Later Shravan and Devraj chat with Anjali and Vijay. Suman asks Vijay if the scooter is fine since they have to leave in a while. Vijay says that the scooter is fine. Suman thanks him and leaves. Shravan looks at her going.

Damru brings tea for Devraj, Anjali and Vijay. Devraj says that the sugar isn’t enough. Shravan says that he will go to bring it and leaves. Anjali says that he is a sweet guy.

Shravan goes in the kitchen and Suman and Damru are there. Shravan asks Damru to give sugar to his father. Damru leaves.

Shravan sits near Suman and says that she is bringing out the goodness in him. Suman asks him if he talked with Devika. Shravan says that he was thinking to talk with her face to face or else she might get hurt more if he talks on phone. Suman says that it is the first time she is getting so impressed by him. Both laugh. Shravan wonders if he should confess his feelings to her.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan stares at Suman who is drinking water and then asks her why she didn’t come to talk to him. Suman says she didn’t know he wanted to talk. Devika sees them talking and wonders if Shravan has a crush on Suman. Aneesh asks her what is wrong. Devika says that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Aneesh asks her to trust him.