Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 19th March 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN BREAKS UP WITH DEVIKA

The episode starts withShravan coming back home. Kavita comes and says that she was waiting for him. Shravan asks her why she is looking worried. Kavita asks Jhumri to bring milk with turmeric and asks Shravan to show his wound. Shravan asks her how she knows about it. He says he is fine. Kavita says that Devraj told her that he was making rounds of the ground on his knees.

Devraj says that he had also asked her not to pity him. He asks Jhumri to bring the milk and he will put poison in it. Devraj scolds Shravan badly. Kavita looks at them and gulps down the milk with turmeric Jhumri had brought for Shravan.

Shravan goes on balcony followed by Devraj who keeps scolding him. Suman sees them. Devraj tells Shravan that he is growing older but he hasn’t given him any reason to be proud of him yet. He leaves. Shravan has not given him any reply.

Suman thinks that Devraj scolded Shravan so much and wonders what Shravan must be thinking. Shravan is wondering why Suman said he isn’t special.

Later Shravan and Bunty come to the gym and Shravan is still upset thinking about Suman saying that he isn’t special. Bunty is not listening to him and trying to understand how to use the running machine. Shravan gets frustrated and leaves.

Suman tells Kanchan that he feels bad for the poor Shravan who got scolded by both Khurana and Devraj. She says that Devika was making fun of him instead. Kavita says that it seems like she changed team. Suman says that he stands always with the right side. They continue playing ludo.

Shravan comes in Tiwari Mansion and asks Vijay about Suman. Vijay tells him that Suman has gone to sleep and asks him if he had any work. Shravan thinks that he had to ask Suman why she said that he isn’t special but can’t say this to Vijay so tells him that he is there to learn some discipline from him as Devraj suggested. Vijay says that it seems that today’s punishment worked and says that he will give him some useful books which he can read. Vijay goes to take the books.

Shravan goes near the stairs and pretends to sneeze. Suman comes there and asks him what he is doing there. Shravan says that he wanted to talk to her. Suman says that she needs to talk to him too. Shravan says that first he will say what he wants to say but then stops. He asks her to speak.

Suman asks Shravan to go to Aneesh’s party since she is going there too. Shravan refuses. Suman says that she wasn’t willing to go too but Devika insisted. Shravan says that he would feel so awkward since by then he would break up with Devika. Suman says that she would feel comfortable with him. Hearing that Shravan immediately feels happy and he agrees to go to the party. Suman laughs saying that he behaves weirdly nowadays as he thinks something but does something else. Shravan stares at her. Title track plays.

Just then Vijay comes there and asks him what he is doing there. Shravan realizes that Suman has gone and lies that he was looking at the paintings on the stair. Vijay gifts him some books. Shravan thanks him and leaves. Vijay says that he is a good boy.

While going out, Shravan recalls his moments with Suman and smiles widely. Title track plays. He says that he has to confess his feelings to Suman even though he had decided not to hurry but he can’t wait anymore.

Vijay goes to Ramesh and Veena’s room and congratulates Vijay for his new center. He says that he is proud of him since he did all this without any help. He leaves. Ramesh tells Veena that she did wrong by stopping him from revealing that Devraj helped him.

The next morning Shravan tells Aneesh that he will come to the party to spoil his fun. Devika asks him who did the magic of convincing him. Just then Suman enters. Shravan looks at her. Devika glares at her. Shravan tells Devika that nobody can do magic on him since he is the one who does magic on others.

Aneesh instigates Devika against Shravan saying that he cares only for Suman and this magic is also done by her only. Devika gets frustrated and leaves. Suman says hi to her but she ignores her.

Suman goes to Shravan who tells her that he has done it. Suman thinks she is talking about break up and says that it seems like Devika is upset because of that. Shravan says that he didn’t get the chance yet to do it but he has only agreed to go to the party. Suman says that Devika looked upset though. Shravan says that Devika has to get hurt but he will talk to her and make her understand. Suman wishes there was another way. Shravan asks her if she hasn’t learnt to be strong yet. Suman says that being sensitive isn’t any weakness but strength. Shravan gets impressed by her again.

Later Shravan sees Devika sitting on stairs sadly and goes to her. He says that he needs to talk to her but first she must know that she is a very nice girl and he doesn’t want to hurt her. Devika says that she knows he is there to break up with her since he had said that some of her habits irritate him. She said that she tried but apparently nothing changed. Shravan says that his trial went to a different direction.

Devika stands up. Shravan stands up too and looks around thinking that she is going to bash him but she hugs him.

Devika says that she understands that she is not like he expected her to be. She says that she might have revealed to be annoying. Shravan asks her if she isn’t hurt. Devika says no because she has learnt something too. Shravansasy that it is the first time he has thought so much before breaking up with a girl because he would have not been fine if she wasn’t fine. Devika says that she understands. Shravan hugs her and then leaves.

Devika cries her heart out once Shravan leaves. Aneesh and his friends see her and Aneesh says that they can’t spare Shravan who is hurting the girls of their group.

At night Suman shares with Kanchan about Shravan and Devika’s breakup and his happiness after that. She says that she is proud of him. Kanchan is surprised to know that Devika has been understanding instead of busting out. Suman says that Shravan explained her nicely. Kanchan says that he is happy with his break up and she is happy with it too and she keeps complimenting him too. She pulls Suman’s leg singing “yehkonsa mod haiumarka”. Suman glares at her. Kanchan says that she is just singing and asks her if she can relate. They start a pillow fight.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asksSuman to get ready as he is coming to pick her up in ten minutes. Suman refuses at first but then Shravan emotionally blackmails her. They go out and Aneesh sees them together.