Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th February 2021 Written Update: Beena meets Dolly, will she be able to feel the lies?

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman to upset Shravan by doing this?
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman to upset Shravan by doing this?

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode starts with Suman greeting Shravan and waking him up. She goes. Avni comes. Shravan says you shouldn’t make any mistake, I m handling your love story. She says I know, so I m helping. Beena says I m making something special, Kanchan’s friend Dolly is coming on lunch. Ramesh says you guys enjoy. He goes. Kanchan says Bunty has promised me and kept phone off. Beena asks what’s Dolly’s full name. Kanchan says Dolly Fernandes. Beena says she is Christian, I will see what to make for her, come and help me in kitchen. Kanchan says I will come. Suman comes to the room and sees the lovely surprise from Shravan. She smiles. Shravan holds her.

She asks what’s all this. He says I knew you will forget it, but I remember the date. She recalls the past moment. Shravan says we

will always celebrate forever love day every year, don’t forget. Suman asks will you remember the date. He says I will never forget it. FB ends. Shravan says I remembered it. She hugs him. They have the cake. He applies the cake to her face. She asks him to clean it. They have a moment. She likes the tea. He says I m not less romantic. They hug.

Beena asks where is Dolly, food is ready. Kanchan says she would be coming. Door bell rings. Kanchan goes to see. She sees a girl and says please… The girl greets Beena. Kanchan says she is Dolly. Beena says Kanchan talks a lot about you. Kanchan says we are good friends. Beena says I hope your fight ended. The girl says yes. Beena says you had sent a sorry letter to us. The girl says sorry, it happened by mistake. Beena says its fine, come. Another girl comes. Bunty messages Kanchan. Another girl says I m Dolly, Kanchan’s friend. Kanchan says I m gone. Beena asks Kanchan to see the new Dolly, which one is your Dolly. Kanchan says they both are my friends Dolly.

Beena asks their names are same, Dolly, they work in your office. Kanchan says yes, you won’t believe it, there is always confusion between them. She asks Beena not to do enquiry. Beena asks who is your best friend. Kanchan says you forget, I told you both of them are my friends, you asked me to invite Dolly, so I called them. Beena says I didn’t know they both are Dolly. Kanchan says I had told you. They go and dine. Kanchan smiles.

Kanchan meets Bunty. She laughs. He says you were getting stuck in front of Beena. She says two Dollys had come. Bunty says I was finding a good Dolly for you, I forgot to charge phone, you managed it well. She says yes, you promised and left. He says I m not such, I m your friend. She thanks him. They shake hands.

Suman and everyone are doing arrangements for the competition. Gujral wishes them all the best. He praises Suman for encouraging officers for the participation. Major Shreya comes. Gujral says Suman, you have the first match with Shreya. Saurabh likes Shreya. Bassi says Shreya can’t defeat Suman. Suman hears Shravan giving rating to Shreya. Saurabh says its my mistake, I had taught this to Shravan. Shravan says yes, its his mistake. She asks about her rating. He says you are 100 out of 10. She says you will never change. He says I m not trying.

Suman and Shravan check their new cupboards. He says your belongings will come in this. She says we will win home decor competition. He asks what do you think about the competition with Shreya. She says don’t worry, I can handle it, I have no option than to win, why, any doubt. He says no, I also feel you will win, but my regiment will win. She says we will see. He says remember the bet. She says you are there to remind me. She asks him to help. She falls down. He rushes and moves the drawer off her foot. She says don’t know how this cabinet broke. He lifts her and takes her to the bet. She says its muscle damage, Shravan how will I play the match tomorrow. He looks at her.

Doctor asks Suman to take one week rest. Shravan encourages Suman and asks her to decide about the match. He says I m always with you. Gujral says Suman can’t play the match today. Suman comes to play. Shravan smiles.

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