Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman and Shravan get to know of truth

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Currently, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 is showing the cute and romantic moments and not only between Suman and Shravan but also Kanchan and Bunty. In addition to Suman and Shravan another couple has also been seen romancing and spending qualitative time. Viewers are liking the cute chemistry between Kanchan and Bunty and the way their love story is being framed. The new love story has also started in between Avni and Ayaan. Though they are work partners too.

They share lot of cute moments, the main question will still remain if the family and especially Shravan will accept Ayaan. In the current track, Shravan and Suman will pretend as if they forgot Bunty’s birthday so that they arrange a surprise but even Kanchan will plan a surprise for Bunty.

Here, Kanchan will leave informing Beena that she is going to Dolly’s birthday Kanchan will come to Bunty with a cake and present. Bunty will love it. Here Shravan will get a special alcoholic drink for Bunty and will decorate it. Shravan and Suman are curious to know about the girl Bunty is thinking to propose. Here, everyone gets ready for Bunty’s surprise birthday party. Shravan invites Bassi too to the party.

In the upcoming episodes, but when Suman will call Kanchan and by mistake Bunty will pick he call, shocking Suman. Bunty will propose Kanchan and says I love you. Kanchan says I love you too. They both hug and are happy. But then they will see Suman and Shravan standing there.

What has fate decided for Bunty and Kanchan? Here, on the other side, What will Avni do now. Will Shravan accept Ayaan? Will Suman be able to fix it? Suman will Is this the sign of another major twist? How will Suman react to this surprise? What is in store for the couple? What will be Kanchan’s reaction to Bunty’s changed reaction? Will Bunty and Kanchan be a couple? What will happen next? Will Suman consider Shravan’s request? Is a big drift coming up for the couple? With this career related professional conflict between this beautiful couple, what is in store for them? What is in store for Bunty and Kanchan? Will Tiwaris accept Bunty?

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