Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2: Suman breaks the engagement

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With viewers witnessing all the drama of Devraj and Shravan. They missed enjoying the confession as just after the confession Devraj took the show away. Suman will tell Vikram that she can’t do the engagement as she doesn’t want to cheat him. Suman shocks everyone by this.she runs and goes. Shravan here will talk ti Devraj who won’t be ready to listen. Devraj get’s furious on how Tiwari broke their family. Shravan worries for him. Devraj will not be in a mood to spare anyone. Devraj’s nose will bleed and Shravan will feel worried for him. Devrah will be very angry even on Rajendra.

Here Vikram will try to reason it with Suman. Vikram will make her understand hoe he is her friend first and he has the right to know why she said no but can wait for her forever. He will also say how hr frels like blaming himself for all this. Suman will say hr shouldn’t blame anyone as she can’t love him because she is in love with someone else. Suman will reveal it to be Shravan. Vikram will be heart broken. Kanchan will try to make Suman understand how Shravan couldn’t take stand infront of Devraj how can he love her. Suman is confused but is not ready to listen to Kanchan.

Here Rajendra tells Shravan that Avni is leaving and nothing is going right. Avni tells how she is keaving and once settled, she will take her mom with her. Shravan requests her not to do this. But Avni says she is doing with great difficulty. Shravan goes with her to leave her at airport.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Devraj wants to destroy the Tiwaris. Beena asks Suman why she didn’t do what they wanted her to. Suman is asked not to sell the house by Shravan.

What will Devraj planning? Will Suman and Shravan ever be together? What will Suman do? What is Beena’s reaction? Keep following this space for more.