Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Weekly Update: Suman and Shravan’s friendship to break?

Shravan searches for Suman in canteen. He apologizes to her for what ever mistakes he did in past . Suman then advices him that he should be more polite and honest in his relationship. Shravan politely apologizes Devika for being late as per what Suman had guided him. He is shocked to see the change in Devika’sbehavior and thanks Suman

Suman is delighted to hear that Vijay and Anjali are attending her PTA meet. Meanwhile Ramesh takes the money from Devraj by confirming the deal. He also insists Devraj not to tell Vijay about this deal as he is not well. During the PTA meet Shravan is shocked to see Aneesh greet his parents with respect. Meanwhile Suman suggests Shravan that he should introduce Devika to his parents as a friend

Devikaembarrasses Shravan and makes his parents uncomfortable. Later Devraj taunts Shravan and he gets upset. Suman feels bad for Shravan. Shravan explains everything to Suman so that she can find a solution to it. Suman tells him about her dream boy friend. Shravan admits that he was with Devika cause he wanted to maintain his standard in school and did not wanted to spoil his image . Suman suggests him to honestly speak to Devika without hurting her feelings. Shravan feels for Suman and tries to express himself to her but fails.

The entire day Shravan is lost in Suman’s thoughts and calls Bunty for help . He tells him that he wants a break up from Devika but also doesn’t want to her hurt. The next morning Shravan finds Devika and tells her that he wants to tell her something important which is interfered by Aneesh. Later Shravan comes to know thatDevika and Suman are in the auditorium for debate. Instead of restriction of entry for boys Shravan enters the auditorium and is caught by the teacher. The teacher allots him punishment of 4 rounds of the entire ground and makes Sumanincharge till the punishment is complete. Vijay and Devraj find Shravan completing his punishment. Vijay stops Devraj and tells him that kids need to realise their responsiblity. Devika comes to know that Shravan came to auditorium for Suman and gets insecure . Later on due to Aneesh’s influence Devika emotionally blackmails Suman to get Shravan to the party with herself

 Shravan comes to Tiwari’s house to meet Suman. He ask Vijay that he wants to learn discipline and needshelp,Vijay asks him to wait meanwhile Shravan meets Suman. Suman convinces him to attend the party . The next day Shravan apologizes to Devika for not understanding her and not able to continue this relationship to which Devika positively replies . Shravan is happy that he is free from this relationship and Suman is happy cause Shravan is happy . Shravan calls Suman at midnight to celebrate his freedom to which Suman denies first but later agrees to it .

Shravan takes her to his old spot which is closed. There Aneesh and his gang find them . Later Suman asks Shravan to take them to her old spot. They spend some time together there and find Bunty already there . One man misbehaves with Bunty and Shravan fights for him . Suman calls the guard and all three of them run away . During this Shravan is again lost in Suman . Kanchanwarns Suman that she has 2nd time broke the discipline , Suman shouts and says that Shravan was happy and she did not wanted to spoil his happiness. Next morning Shravan hugs his parents and thanks them for admitting him in the army school . Suman waits for him at the school. Shravan reaches the school late and is asked by the teacher to grab a seat. He reminisces their old fight for the seat . During break Shravan follows Suman and asks her that if someome proposed her will she tell that to her dad and old man . Suman fumes with anger and decides that she won’t attend  the party with him and leaves.

Suman and Kanchan reach the party venue where Devika asks Suman about Shravan to which she answers she doesn’t know  . Meanwhile Shravan reaches Tiwari’s house and comes to know that Suman and Kancham already left for thr party . Vijay warns him that he needs to take care of Kanchan and Suman cause they are his class mates, friends , neighbours.

Shravan reaches the party and apologizes to Suman . He tells her that its not possible him to not call her Sumo or his Grandpa Old man but he will try not to irk her.Suman still fakes her anger and Shravan tries to calm her down. He tells her one of his embarassing stories to which Suman gives up and both start laughing

Aneesh tells Suman that there is a game which will reduce the difference between a cillivian student and a army student . Shravan is ready to leave where Suman asks him that will he come in and find a new girlfriend for himself. Shravan describes his girlfriend as the most beautiful. Suman insist hum to express himself to her meanwhile Shravan decides to propose her. Aneesh starts his game

The game starts with various students and ends at Shravan with the word relationship which was purposely given by Saheb to him . He expresses about his dream girl friend to which everyone asks to name her Mean whileAneesh announces time up and says that he can reveal Shravan’s girlfriend’s name . He takes Sumans name to which Suman says we are just close friends. Aneesh fuels up the matter by saying that Shravan keeps on telling them about how She was behind him andtheirbsecret late night date . Shravan who is not able to differentiate is left there confused and stranded . Devika asks them to cut the cake In the mean while Suman goes to Shravan and ask for the truth Shravan is unable to answer her. She slaps Shravan. Aneesh warns Shravan and Saheb to never return to them again . Shravan is fuming in anger whereas Suman is trying to maintain her clam by scribbling on page . She ask Kanchan to sleep as she has to go early but she herself cannot.

Shravan next day decides to apologize Suman and also take revenge from Aneesh and his gang 

Upcoming next : Shravan tells Kanchan that he wants to apologize Suman but She isnt letting him talk . Kanchan suggests him to come home . Later Kanchan asks grandpa about his vintage rifle and Shravan is ready for the meet . Devraj finds Shravan at Tiwari’s home 

Will Suman forgive Shravan ? Will Devraj and Vijay come to know about the party ?

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