Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th February 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN AND SUMAN GET PAIRED TOGETHER AS BUDDIES

The episode starts with Anish saying wrong dialogues since Shravan and his friends had exchanged his script. The students mock him. The girl performing with him leaves the stage crying. Captain scolds Anish for wasting their time and warns him that if this happens again he won’t let him participate in any festive. Anish glares at Shravan and then leaves the stage.

Now it’s Shravan’s turn. Before going on the stage, Shravan asks Suman to watch her performance. Shravan and a girl go on the stage and perform a theatre act impressing everybody. Girls drool over Shravan comparing him with Shah rukh khan. Everyone stands up clapping for Shravan.

The latter’s friends go on the stage and Sahib hugs him. Captain congratulates them declaring that they are going to participate in the function this year. The host says that for the first time civilians team will lead the festival. Shravan glares at Anish and Suman who thinks that he has surely done something wrong with Anish.

At night Shravan’s friends compliment with him for the successful plan. Suman comes. Shravan gives her a taunt. He sees Anish and asks him to come to him. Shravan mocks him and reminds him the challenge.

Anish asks him to get worried since he doesn’t know the trouble he is going to face. He calls his friends and then slaps Sahib. A brawl between army students and civilians start. Suman tries stopping them in vain.

Mr. Bakshi comes and scolds them. He asks them to bring their parents to school and says Suman is going to be the witness. Shravan glares at her.

Later Shravan returns home. Devraj is on call and is happy because his deal got locked. He cuts the call and asks Devraj why he got so late. Shravan tells him that he was preparing for the function which is going to take place on 26th February.

Devraj gets happy and asks him how his school is going. Shravan is about to tell him about the brawl but Devraj cuts him and says he is sure there is no complain. He tells Kavita that his son’s behavior is getting better. Kavita asks Shravan to take rest.

Shravan tells her about the brawl. She gets worried and asks him if he started it. Shravan lies that he wasn’t even involved in it but everybody is jealous because a civilian is better than army students. He tells her that Devraj has to go to school. Kavita asks him not to worry and take rest as he will think something.

The next morning Shravan’s uncle goes with him to the school instead of Devraj. Everybody gathers in the hall where Mr. Bakshi comes and asks Shravan where his father is. His uncle makes an excuse. Bakshi asks Suman if it’s true and she says she saw Devraj leaving in the morning. Bakshi starts scolding the students and Shravan tell him how army students bully civilians making groups. Bakshi says that he has a solution for that.

Mr. Bakshi says that there are army students’ names in one bowl and civilians in the other and he will pick chits from it making pairs. After that each student will have to report what they learnt from their partner. Anish and Sahib get paired together and Sahib recalls the slap getting scared while Anish smirks.

Suman and Shravan are the next pair. They exchange looks. At the end, Bakshi asks each student to shake hands with their respective buddy. Shravan and Suman stand up and do the handshake glaring at each other. Then they leave.

In the corridor, Shravan gets ignored by his friends. Sahib comes and says that he is scared because he got paired with Anish. The latter comes and scares Sahib more and then leaves laughing with his gang.

Suman comes and Sahib leaves. Suman asks Shravan if he got peace now after creating so much drama. She asks him if he is done. Shravan asks her if she is angrier because she got him as buddy or because she didn’t get paired with his boyfriend Anish.

Suman repeats that Anish is not her boyfriend. Shravan says that they are buddies now so she can tell him the truth. Suman gets irritated and wishes to have another buddy. Kanchan comes and wishes Shravan was her buddy. Suman takes her away. Shravan looks at her from behind.
Episode ends

Precap: Captain asks students to check the list of students participating in 26th February function. Shravan has to perform with Suman in the parade and Suman has to participate with him in the play. Suman is irritated by that and is not willing to perform in the play. Shravan says there is a way to avoid that. Suman asks him what it is.