Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 21st February 2020 Written Update: Suman and Shravan have to perform together in the function

The episode starts withSuman and Kanchan coming back home. Kanchan asks Suman why she is worrying so much. Suman asks her to shut up. Dadu asks her what’s wrong too. Suman tells him that she got paired with Shravan for the buddy project.

Shravan tells about the project to his family too. Bunty comes and gives Prasad to everybody. He is about to leave but Shravan stops him from leaving saying that he has to complete his work first. He grabs his neck and takes him out asking what he is doing. Bunty asks him to leave his neck since he has only one. He tells him that Avni told him to bring Prasad and tell everybody that she went to the temple. Avni comes and says that she is aware of what happened at school and now Suman will teach him a lesson. Shravan says that he will be the one to teach her a lesson.

The next morning Captain tells the class that he likes this buddy system which is going to happen for the first time in the school. He asks everybody to bring a report of this project at the end of every week. He then asks students to check the list of those who got selected for the 26th January function which is on notice board.

Suman goes to check and is left surprised. She turns around seeing Shravan smiling at her. He says that she has bad luck. Suman blames him for bringing it in her life. She refuses to act in his play with him. Shravan says that he isn’t willing to participate in her parade as well. Suman thinks about a plan to escape this situation. Shravan says there is a way. Suman asks him what way.

Devraj goes to meet Vijay and brings sweets for him. He tells Vijay that there is a good news and he has come with sweets to share it with him. Vijay takes him to the office and asks what the good news is. Devraj offers him sweets and tells him that he got the deal. He thanks him but Vijay says that he got the deal because of his capability not because of him also because he didn’t want to get involved in all this. Devraj leaves after apologizing.

Shravan and Suman ask help to Bopalifor changing their pairing since they don’t want to be buddies. Bopali says that Bakshi is his buddy and will surely listen to him and says that he will go to talk with him now itself. He leaves after reminding his commission to Shravan. Suman asks Shravan what they were talking about. Shravan replies that it was something out of her understanding. She glares at him.

Shravan and Suman wait for Bopali to come back and Suman asks how much time he will take. Suman says she doesn’t think Bopali will be able to convince Mr. Bakshi. Shravan is sure about that but suddenly they hear the noise of a slap. Bopali comes out and lies that Mr. Bakshi convinced him that the buddy system is necessary. He leaves. Suman says that he can’t do anything. Shravan asks her to think about another idea. Suman says that they shall be buddies at school only and then forget about each other once outside. Shravan accepts at the condition that she will let him call her “Sumo”. Suman leaves angrily.

In the afternoon Ramesh gives sweets to his family because he got a big deal which will make him the number one producer of Ayurveda products of Bhopal. Suman and Kanchan want party. Ramesh says that the party can happen later but now he has a gift for Suman and asks her to go to check outside.

Suman gets happy seeing a scooty for her parked outside. Kanchan says they will drive it together but Ramesh says that it is just for Suman. Dadu tells Kanchan that it’s for Suman only because she has license and they have to follow rules. However Anjali is not sure that Vijay will accept such an expensive gift. Ramesh apologizes and says that he should have asked them before buying it. He leaves sadly.

Ramesh cries looking at his dead brother’s picture. Dadu scolds him for getting weak. He says that he is the one who has stayed in this house with him for the longest time so he is the commanding officer here and has right to give anything to anyone. Anjali agrees. Ramesh asks her to give the key of the scooty to Suman with her hands to make him happy. Anjali does that. Veena asks Suman to go to the temple with her new vehicle first.

Shravan and Bunty are in the temple and Shravan complains about Suman with him since she doesn’t want to meet him after school like he is behind her. Kanchan and Suman come there and Kanchan takes Suman towards Bunty and Shravan. The latter introduces Bunty to Kanchan and says he is a civilian too. Kanchan says he fins civilian cool. Bunty asks Shravan to introduce him to Suman too but Shravan says that he can’t see some people after school and then the two leave. Suman glares at him from behind wondering how she will bear him for the buddy project.

Episode ends

Precap:Suman acts in a play and Shravan gets mesmerized seeing her. Later Shravan defends his friend Sahib against Anish and andSuman gets impressed by him.