Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Suman is again misunderstood?

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The episode starts with Suman getting ready for office. Shravan gives her a back hug and apologies to her and says he doesn’t like when they fight. Suman says you always do this and ask for apology. Shravan says it will really not happen next time. Suddenly phone will ring, Suman comes to present. Where Shravan got a call. They go for breakfastm they both are disturbed and don’t feel like eating. Devraj will inform Shravan how Pandit ji is coming to fix Avni’s wedding dates. Kavita says as we made you both married now it’s your turn to take responsibility of Avni’s marriage. They agree. Suman says I need to go for a meeting, Dua sir has send a car. She leaves. Shravan looks at the toasts angrily and asks Jhumri to get Paranthas.

Here, Kanchan and Bunty are sitting at chai tapri. Bunty is making Kanchan understand how it is necessary to understand that whatever Beena said she said from a mother’s point of view. Bunty tells Kanchan she should be happy that someone is there to care for her. Bunty assures Kanchan that he will stand up on his feet. He says he has some money and he will buy a house. Kanchan still apologies to him for Beena’s behaviour. Bunty says don’t say sorry she is also right. Kanchan says you also take her side only. Bunty says everyone is on your side only and I will manage I told you then why you want to take enemity from your loved ones? Kanchan agrees but says I will ask Beena to make us engaged atleast we will wait for marriage.

Here, Shravan is in deep thoughts about yesterday night’s argument with Suman. Bassi comes and says today everyone is in deep thoughts. Shravan says no no come and sit. Bassi sits and talks about his parents who are currently fighting. He says they love each other a lot but when they fight none of them is ready to say sorry and dismiss the fight, their ego becomes more important. He says how he never understood love if they have love then say sorry and live happily. Shravan feels it and thinks to say sorry. He says thanks to Bassi and leaves.

Kanchan comes home and tries to convince Beena. Beena says I already told you yesterday what I felt and if I have to go against you for your happiness then I will go. Kanchan says so I am asking for last time it’s a no? Beena says yes it’s a no for engagement right now. Kanchan says till now I was asking but now even I will be stubborn. I will not eat food if you don’t get convinced. She goes. Beena thinks she has an idea to convince her. She calls Suman. Suman says why will she not eat, is she a kid? Don’t worry I will come. Jusy then Shravan comes. Shravan asks her where she is going? Suman says to the Tiwaris and says she is going because she feels like going there. Suman thinks to not tell about Kanchan to Shravan. Suman leaves.

Suman assures Kanchan that if she eats then she will talk to Ramesh and Beena. Kanchan then eats. Suman sees her phone is switched off due to some error. Shravan who would be waiting will call her but find the nunber switched off and wonder how is it possible. Jhumri asks if Shravan will eat, he says he will eat late. Shravan will think Suman is not coming to take revenge. Here, Vir falls down. Suman takes care of him on his request she decides to stay for the night. She msgs Shravan. Shravan replies saying stay there only for 10-20 days, as it will be a relief for him too. Suman doesn’t read it as she is with family.

Precap: Suman tells everyone how Vir felt and she had to take care so that’s why she couldn’t return at night. Shravan tells Bunty about his message. Bunty says if Suman will read it then she will feel bad. Suman will go to Tiwaris and tell Shravan she is hurt.

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