Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 24th February 2020 Written Update: Shravan is left mesmerized by Suman

The episode starts withSuman’s friends asking her why she didn’t come on her new scooter instead of coming on bus. Kanchan says that she prefers boring bus. Suman says that the bus isn’t boring and it’s safer. She sees Shravan going to school on bike through the window of the bus and keeps praising the bus.

Vijay come to meet Devraj. The latter is surprised to see him there and Vijay says that a friend has the right to pay surprise visits. Devraj welcomes him inside the house.

Shravan enter in the class and notices that everybody is sitting with their respective buddy. The teacher asks Shravan and Suman to sit together. Suman says that she will have to bear this too. They go to sit but argue on who will sit on the inner seat. They end up doing toss and Suman wins so Shravan sits on inner seat. Suman asks him to sit a bit far from her. The lesson starts and Shravan keeps moving so Suman scolds her and asks him to sit properly.

Vijay asks Kavita to bring lassi since he has heard a lot of praises about it. She goes to take it. Vijay and Devraj are left alone and Vijay apologizes for his behavior the last day but that was the right thing to do. He says that he is ready to do anything for him in the personal life, even die, but he can’t expect favors in professional life. Devraj says that he is ashamed for what happened last day but he can’t change it. He promises to keep professional and personal lives separated. Vijay says that he is proud of his friendship. Kavita brings lassi for them.

The lesson is going on and Suman and Shravan keep arguing. The teacher asks them what they are talking about. Shravan lies that Suman was giving scores to her saree. Everybody laughs while the teacher asks Suman to concentrate on her studies and parade. Shravan laughs while Suman threatens him saying that he did wrong.

Dadu, Anjali and Beena come in Devraj’s house too and all sit together. Dadu asks to bring whiskey. Vijay says that he can’t have hard drinks but Dadu says that he can have it. Kavita brings whiskey and glasses but Dadu says that the glasses are for vodka so Devraj goes to get vodka. Kavita follows him and comments that they changed the drink just because there weren’t glasses for whiskey. Devraj says that they have to serve the guests and goes back to the living area. Kavita wonders how her son will survive among such people.

Suman is training students for parade. Shravan mocks her so Suman asks her if he finds all this easy. Shravan says that he has courage so it’s not difficult for him. Suman says that now she shall test if this is his overconfidence or courage and asks him to choose three people. He does that. Suman asks everybody to make groups of four members and then asks them all to make six rounds of the ground running. Shravan gets surprised hearing that. Suman asks him if he has given up. Shravan asks her if she is finding excuse to remove civilians from parade and encourages his friends to show her that they are capable of all this.

They start running but after all they get tired. Sahib asks Shravan to save them but Shravan asks him to keep running and save their respect. He says he will face her in the play.

Later Shravan gives the script for the play to Suman who says that she has never acted. Shravan says that it’s not easy and goes to gather audience after asking her to memorize the script.

Shravan sees Anish and asks him where his buddy is. Anish says that he doesn’t know that but he won’t spare him when he finds him. Shravan warns him not to do anything with Sahib and then goes to find him.

Sahib is pretending to be unwell but Shravan comes to him and asks him to come to the theatre since Suman is going to act in play. Sahib asks him why he wants to defeat her so much. Shravan says that he wants to defeat army students and show civilians’ capability.

Sahib and Shravan go in the theatre and take their seats. Suman comes on the stage wearing a white anarkali. Shravan is left mesmerized. Suman starts acting and Shravan keeps staring at her getting lost in her performance. He feels touched by her performance and unknowingly smiles. Everybody claps for Suman at the end and Shravan keeps looking at her. Sahib praises Suman. Everybody stands up while clapping for her. Shravan gets up too and keeps looking at Suman. Anish and Devika go to compliment with Suman. The teacher calls Shravan who is lost. His friend asks him to shut his mouth since everybody is looking at him and the teacher is calling him.

Shravan goes to the teacher who tells him that he got a great partner for the play. She says the expectations are high on them so they should rehearse every day. Suman thanks her. The teacher leaves. Suman asks Shravan if they should go to talk outside.

Once outside, Suman asks Shravan how her performance was. Shravan says it was nice and it will get better if she rehearses with him. Suman says that she was nervous but thanks to him she did well. She thanks him. Shravan is confused and wonders what he did. He leaves confused. Suman smirks from behind.

Episode ends

Precap: Anish calls Sahib as Shravan’s servant. Shravan says that he is his friends and he can do anything for him. He adds that civilians may not know anything else but they know the importance of friendship. Suman is impressed by her words. Later Devika asks Suman to take her bag with her on the bus. Suman asks her where she is going. Devika tells her that she is going home on bike with Shravan. Suman looks at Devika and Shravan leaving on the latter’s bike.