Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 25th February 2020 Written Update: Suman is impressed by Shravan

The episode starts withSuman and Shravan going to Sahib who is being bullied by Anish and his gang. Shravan asks Sahib what’s happening. Sahib tells him that they want him to play football but he isn’t able to play it. Anish says that he decides what he can do and what not. Shravan says that he can’t force him but Anish claims that Sahib is his buddy so he can do whatever he wants with him. Shravan says that he is his buddy not servant so whatever will happen shall happen with mutual agreement. He says that Sahib can give water to the team but not play. Sahib agrees for that. Devika and everybody else laugh.

Anish asks Shravan to stay away from this. Suman asks him not to insist and let Sahib go but he asks her to stay away from the matter too. Shravan says that Sahib won’t play. Anish says that he knows Sahib is his servant but now he is his buddy. Shravan says that Sahib is his friend not servant. Suman and Devika are impressed by him. Shravan says that civilians know very well how to behave with friends. He asks Anish if he knows the meaning of friendship and adds that he will always be there to defend Sahib. Anish asks him if he is trying to scare him. Shravan says that he is just telling him how much friendship means for him and he can do anything for his friends.

Someone says that captain Khurana is coming. Suman turns and her shoulder touches Shravan’s one. The two look at each other.

Khurana comes and asks if everything is fine. Everybody says that all is fine. He asks them to go back to their classes if it’s so. Everybody starts leaving. Suman looks at Shravan leaving with Sahib. Devika smiles looking at him too impressed. She calls Shravan a sweetheart. Suman reminds her that she was calling Anish as sweetheart till now. Devika says that choice can change when a better option is there. She goes behind Shravan. Suman looks on.

Shravan asks Sahib not to worry about Anish since he is there to defend him. Sahib thanks him and leaves.

Anish come to Shravan and says that he knows who he was trying to impress with his dialogues. Shravan says that he has other ways to impress girls but he must say that the girl got impressed with the first attempt. Anish says that Suman isn’t impressed by him. Shravan tells him that he wasn’t talking about Suman but someone else and he won’t reveal her name because he wants to see his surprised face when he will get to know who the girl is.

Devika gives her bag to Suman who is about to get on bus and asks her to give any excuse if anybody asks. Suman asks her where she is going and Devika tells her that she is going home with Shravan on bike. She leaves while Suman looks on.

Devika sits on bike with Shravan who leaves. Anish sees them leaving together and is not able to believe that Devika is with Shravan.

Devraj thanks army officers for giving him the deal and shows the project of a bulletproof vest which will be of the best quality. He says that he won’t compromise on the quality because it’s about the soldiers’ life.

Kanchan asks Suman about Devika’s whereabouts. Suman gets irritated. Kanchan asks her what happened and if the play didn’t go well. Suman tells her that everybody complimented with her for her acting. Kanchan says that he isn’t surprised because she used to act a lot in front of mirror in childhood. Suman recalls Shravan trying to demotivate him and then she making Shravan confused thanking him for encouraging her. She thinks that civilians are very stupid.

Bunty’s school van breaks down and he is frustrated.

Shravan asks Devika if her reputation will go down now that she is sitting with a civilian. She says that he is not like other civilians and is not less than any army student as well. He asks her to sit comfortably then.

Bunty sees Shravan with Devika and says that he got so lucky. Shravan stops the bike near Bunty who tells him that his school van broke down. Suman’s school bus stops near them too. Kanchan gets surprised seeing Devika and Shravan together. Devika mocks Bunty for coming on school van. Shravan gestures Bunty not to tell her that he used to come on school van too. Suman sees that and thinks that he is a liar.

Bunty asks Shravan if they will meet in the evening. Shravan says that he has no time to meet him nowadays. Kanchan is upset because she wanted to with Shravan and blames Suman for what happened. Shravan asks Bunty to call him if he needs any help and then leaves with Devika.

On the other hand Vijay seems worried and Sanjay asks him if there is something wrong. Vijay tells him that he has been appointed to test the sample of bulletproof vest made by Devraj when he didn’t want to be part of this deal. Sanjay says that it is good for him only because now he can check the quality of the vest himself and accept or reject it. Vijay is impressed by him.

Ramesh compliments Veena for her cooking skills as she is preparing sivaaya.

On the other hand Shravan’s cousin asks him to drop her to the photocopies shop but he refuses and leaves.

Suman is about to leave too but Veena stops her and asks her to go to give the box which she has filled with sivaaya for Shravan back to Malhotras. Suman doesn’t agree at first but then Veena says that he will complain to his father. Suman agrees to go but says that she is going just for her not because she is scared of her father.

Shravan tells her cousin that his bike is not made for sisters to sit on it. Avni says that he is talking like he makes his girlfriend sit on his bike every day. Shravan says that he hasn’t any girlfriend because it’s his wish or else he can make one whenever he wants. Avni asks him not to lie so much. Shravan asks her to take a rikshaw to go. He gets on his bike but it doesn’t start. Avni mocks him.

Just then Suman comes with sivaaya and gives it to Avni but Shravan says that he needs to test it before it goes in the house. He tastes the sivaaya and is left impressed. He asks Suman who made it and she lies that she cooked it. Shravan says that she is an all rounder. He asks Avni to go to keep the box in the fridge. Avni leaves.

Suman is about to leave on her scooter too but Shravan stops her and asks for a lift. She refuses saying that they are strangers outside the school. He asks her to do it for the country. Shravan says that if they go separately there will be more pollution so she should drop him for the country at least. She agrees and he sits behind her thinking that army people can do anything hearing about the country. He waves his hand at Avni while leaving. Avni laughs saying that he was talking about making a girlfriend sit behind him on his bike and sat behind a girl himself.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan tells some lies to Bunty about Suman who overhears him and gets upset. Shravan seems her crying and asks her the reason. She glares at him.