Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th February 2020 Written Update: Shravan and Suman argue again due to their different opinions

The episode starts withSuman asking Shravan, who is sitting on the scooter behind her, if Bunty is a good friend of him. Shravan tells her that he is like a brother to him. Suman says that he is a good actor and they share a good chemistry in lying together. She tells him that she has seen how they made a fool out of Devika. Shravan denies that and says that he was trying to impress Devika. Suman asks him why he needs to impress Devika. Shravan tells him that he has to impress all girls in front of him but this rule doesn’t apply on her. Suman asks him why. Shravan says that she is not his type of girl. He asks her to let him know when someone will try to impress her so he will ask him what type of girl she is since he hasn’t understand that yet. Suman says that she isn’t able to understand how a boy can be so cheap. Shravan laughs.

Bunty sees them coming and thinks that Shravan is trying to impress another girl so when they stop near him, he lies saying that all girls were asking for Shravan. Suman says that this trick isn’t going to work on her. Shravan asks Bunty to remember that she is Suman, his neighbor. Bunty remembers and calls her “Sumo”. She gets angry and leaves. Shravan beats Bunty for speaking without looking who is around.

The two go to have tea. Bunty is impressed by Shravan because of the fact that he got a grade one girl. Shravan says that there is a lot of talent in him, for example there was his play today. Bunty says that he knows about that and he also knows that Suman was his July. Shravan corrects him saying that she was his Juliet aka Heer but she was so bad that she started crying and he had to comfort her since she is his buddy. Suman comes and asks him to tell Bunty whole the truth so she gets to know all her problems as well. She goes to Shravan and says that the speech on friendship he told on friendship was not real since in reality he just makes a fool out of his friends. Bunty is confused. Suman asks Shravan to tell his friend how much he lies. Shravan says he was going to tell him the truth but Suman doesn’t believe him and says that thankfully she came back to get Devika’s bag or else she would have not come to know about his truth. She leaves. Shravan apologizes to Bunty who asks him not to do it again.

At night Vijay and other army officers have gathered around fire and having sivaaya which Vijay has brought. One of the officers say that he has gone around the country and now he wants to know what is so special in his sivaaya. He starts mentioning all the places he has been posted in. Vijay compliments him and says that it’s all because of his capability that his son is captain now. The officer says that he wants his son to become like him one day. They all have sivaaya and everybody praises it.

Just then Sunjoy shows a message to Vijay who gets worried. He stands up and switches off the music. He tells everybody that there have been a terrorist encounter and some army officers have been killed too. He goes to the man who was talking before that his son has been killed too but he has encountered ten terrorists and they are proud of him. The officer gets down and wonders how to tell this news to his daughter-in-law. Vijay says that he will send Anjali to his house.

Meanwhile Suman and her family are planning ludo when the phone rings and Anjali goes to attend the call. Her smile disappears and says she will leave immediately. She tells the family that she has to go to Baldev’s house right now since his son has died and his wife and daughter-in-law are there so she must leave. She leaves. Kanchan asks Suman who Baldev is. Suman says that she hasn’t met his son but has heard a lot about his courage. Dadu says that the news must be coming on TV and they shall watch.

On the other hand Avni tells Shravan that she has come to know about his lie which he told to Bunty and hurt Suman and suggests him to go to apologize to her. Shravan thinks about it.

Shravan goes to Suman’s house to apologize to her and sees Anjali leaving. He wonders where she is going so late in the night.

Suman’s family watches the news of the terrorist attack and everybody gets upset. Dadu says he will go to sleep and Veena asks everybody to go to sleep too. Suman asks them to leave and she will come in two minutes. Everybody goes away. Suman has teary eyes.

Anjali tries comforting Pushpa whose son has died and her daughter-in-law. Baldev and Vijay come with the other officers. Pushpa and his daughter-in-law hug him and they cry. Anjali goes to Vijay and asks him what happened. Vijay tells her that a soldier always waits for this time but when a soldier dies, they are proud yet sad. Anjali says that soldiers have a lot of courage to hide their pain when they want to cry.

Shravan rings the doorbell of Suman’s house and Kanchan opens the door welcoming him inside. Shravan enters and sees Suman watching the TV and crying. She wonders why she is crying. Suman sees him and asks what he is doing there. Shravan says that he is there to ask sorry. Suman asks him why. Shravan thinks that he would have given her back if she wasn’t crying. He says that he came there to apologize leaving his match and she is treating him like this. Suman asks sorry and asks him to sit and wait for two minutes. Shravan sits down and asks her why she is crying. She tells him about Baldev’s son’s death which made her emotional. He asks her if she knew him and she replies she didn’t. Shravan asks her not to get emotional then since it should be just a news for her and changes the channel to show her the match which shall cheer her up. Suman gets angry and says that civilians get emotional only for their friends and relatives and others are just a news for them. She says that they are totally opposite and asks him to get out. He leaves. Suman looks at him from behind.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan and Suman argue while talking about the play and lines. The teacher asks them to work on their chemistry and meet outside of the school for that. Suman and Shravan meet on a coffee shop and glare at each other.