Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th March 2020 Written Update: Kanchan plans to take revenge from Shravan

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The episode starts withBunty suggesting Shravan to stay away from Suman in the school but Shravan says that he will apologize to Suman and he won’t spare those who troubled him. Bunty says that Suman can create issues for him at home. Shravan tells him that he met Vijay in the morning and he behaved normally. Bunty gets surprised since old Suman would have surely told. He warns Shravan to stay away from Suman or else he won’t stay alive but Shravan says that he likes Suman a lot and can stay alive only if he is with her. He says that he has to find a way to get Suman’s forgiveness. Bunty suggests him to talk with Kanchan. Shravan thanks him for the idea.

On the bus Kanchan says that he won’t spare Shravan today. Suman asks her if she is any goon. Kanchan says that she will throw something on Shravan when she will see him. Suman says that Shravan won’t ever come but just then he sees him on the bike through the window. Shravan smiles at her but she looks away. Shravan’s smile disappears.

Shravan says hi to Kanchan who glares at him angrily and throws paper ball from the window on him. Everybody looks at her. Suman scolds Kanchan.

Shravan says that Kanchan seems angry too but he will convince her somehow.

Later Shravan enters in the classroom. Everybody laughs at him and mocks him. Aneesh throws paper ball on him and starts laughing. Shravan goes to sit next to Suman and finds chewing gum on his seat. He bashes Aneesh in his mind and thinks that first he has to apologize to Suman. Shravan tries talking to Suman and promises her not to repeat what he did but Suman asks him to shut up and says that she is forced to sit with him.

Teacher comes and says that principal has asked buddy pairs to submit report of buddy project the day after tomorrow. Shravan asks Suman if she will talk to him at least for the report but Suman says that she won’t need that.

In the recess Kanchan comes in Shravan and Suman’s classroom. Shravan says hi to her and says that he was coming to talk to her only but she ignores him and goes to Devika and Aneesh saying that she wants to join their gang. Aneesh says that she is a girl of their grade only and Suman’s sister as well so she had to join their gang.

Aneesh, Devika, Kanchan and Suman are about to leave and Shravan asks Suman if he can come with them too but she asks him to stay away. Aneesh taunts Shravan and then leaves with his gang to welcome Kanchan. Shravan wonders where Saheb is.

Saheb sees the army students gang walking in corridor and hides behind a pillar. Shravan comes and asks him if he is running away from him. Saheb suggests him to leave the school or leave them at least. He goes away.

Aneesh indicates Shravan’s bike to Kanchan and shows a compass. He asks Suman if she still has some soft corner for him. Suman says that she doesn’t care anymore and leaves because she doesn’t want to be part of all this. She leaves. Shravan gives compass to Kanchan.

Later Shravan notices that his bike has been punctured. He glares angrily at the army students in the bus laughing at him but then he calms down seeing Kanchan and Suman. He leaves. Suman wonders why he didn’t call any mechanic or friend.

Kanchan goes to Shravan and asks him why he isn’t calling anyone for help. Shravan says that he deserves this pain since he hurt everybody, especially Suman. Kanchan asks him to chill since he made a mistake and they took revenge so now he should talk with Suman. Shravan says that she isn’t given him any chance. Kanchan invites him home in the evening. Shravan gets happy thinking that this is the chance he needed. Suman thinks that now never ending problems will start for Shravan.

In the afternoon Shravan shares with Bunty that he has to utilize the chance given by Kanchan.Bunty feels something fishy since Kanchan threw paper ball in the morning and then suddenly wanted to help him. Shravan says that Kanchan offered help seeing his personality. Bunty asks him to call him if anything happenes.

On the other hand Suman tells Kanchan that she is preparing something for the happiness of someone who cares for her a lot in the evening. Kanchan thinks she wants to join her plan. Suman asks her what plan she is talking about. She asks her what is going on. Kanchan says that she wants to settle what happened yesterday but Suman asks her to stay away from him. Kanchan just doesn’t listen to her.

In the evening Suman puts dishes on table. Vijay asks her what preparations are going on. Kanchan says that she isn’t revealing anything. Kanchan asks Dadu about his vintage rifle.

On the other handShravan gets ready. He asks Jhumri to tell his parents that he will come back home after a while. Jhumri tells him that Devraj and Kavita are already out.

Shravan go to Tiwari’s house and Kanchan opens the door. Shravan says that thankfully she opened the door so he doesn’t need to greet each and everybody just to thank her. He promises her a party after everything gets solved.

Shravan gets shocked seeing Devraj and Kavita in Tiwari house too. Vijay asks what the surprise is and if Shravan is going to give surprise or getting it. Kanchan says that he is in middle. Shravan thinks that Kanchan has gathered everyone to tell the truth. He gets scared seeing Dadu with rifle.

Episode ends

Precap: Kanchan tells everyone that the main element of the surprise is Shravan. He gets shocked. Later Bunty suggests Shravan to run away from the city. Shravan says that he can’t lose Suman.

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