Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 27th February 2020 Written Update: Shravan and Suman try to solve their differences

The episode starts withShravan stopping Suman and saying that he wants to talk to her. He says that he didn’t want to hurt her last day. Suman asks him what he wanted to say then. Shravan says that they are buddies but she is the only one who has given her 100% but from now onwards he will give his maximum too in the parade since he knows the parade is very important for her. He asks her help for the parade. Suman doesn’t reply so Shravan starts leaving but before going he says that he isn’t that dumb like she thinks. Suman stops him and says that she will give him a chance. He comes back to Suman who asks him not to break her trust. Shravan promises her that and they shake hands. Shravan keeps staring at Suman and doesn’t leave her hand. She asks him to leave it. He comes back into reality and apologizes. Suman leaves.

Later students are standing in front of captain Khurana who gives a speech about the importance of the parade. He asks anyone who feels that he has no discipline to back off from the parade. Shravan is about to leave but Suman glares at him so he stops. Devika keeps smiling at Shravan. Khurana gives Suman the responsibility of training the students since she is going to lead the parade.

Suman asks everybody to climb on a ramp and jump from it. Shravan is hesitant first but then Suman makes him climb and jump from the ramp. She asks him to continue with the next exercise which consists in grabbing a rope and keep balance but he falls down. Suman comes to him. Shravan forwards a hand towards her asking her to help but she refuses saying that she will help him only when he will really need her. She leaves. Shravan comments that she has a lot of attitude.

Anish and his friends are looking at Shravan. A friend asks Anish to do something about Shravan who is targeting all grade one girls, first Devika and now Suman. Anish says that he will break Shravan’s dream of marching in the parade somehow.

Anish goes to Devika who was decorating the notice board. Anish scolds her for going on bike with Shravan and threatens to tell everything to her father but she says that her father already knows everything about her and Shravan is a good guy as well unlike other civilians. Anish says that he is even worse. Shravan and Suman come there and after greetinDevika, Shravan tells Anish that he and Suman are going for rehearsals of the play. Suman and Shravan leave.

Suman and Shravan enter in the theatre. Anish is about to get inside too but two civilian students stop him saying that Malini mam said that only participants can enter and if he wants to come inside he needs her permission. He threatens them and then leaves. Sahib gets amused seeing this and says that Shravan was right as there is power in unity only.

Malini asks Suman and Shravan to start the rehearsals. She asks Suman to start acting like someone dear who is going on the border for the war and she is trying to stop him. Suman says her dialogue. It’s Shravan’s turn but Malini asks him to get closer to Suman. He gets nervous and forgets his dialogues. Suman and Shravan start arguing. Malini stops them and asks them to start again and show some passion and romance. Suman starts but doesn’t get her dialogue right. Malini asks them what happened to her now. Suman and Shravan start arguing again. Malini asks them to stop fighting like two kids. They apologize. Malini gives them the homework to meet outside school and work on their chemistry.

On the other hand two men come in Devraj’s office to talk about the deal. They say that the raw material is expensive for them. Devraj says that he can’t compromise with soldiers’ safety and then leaves.

Meanwhile Devraj’s brother and his wife discuss because Devraj has refused their raw materials for the deal. His wife suggests him to talk with Devraj about it. They go in the living room where they remind Kavita about the wedding which they have to attend tonight.

Later Suman and Shravan meet in a coffee shop. Suman says that he has chosen a cheap place. Shravan asks him if it won’t suit her army status. He asks her to sit and then they order chai and coffee. Suman asks Shravan to talk about each other. Shravan says that he is not as undisciplined like he looks. Suman says that he isn’t even that arrogant like he thinks. They laugh. Suman asks him to tell something about him which she doesn’t know. He tells her that he has the aim of living a simple life and leaving to the USA after a year and settle down there. He says that their country is the best though. He asks Suman what’s the most important thing for her. She says that she likes everything related to army. They start talking and conclude that they both are very different. Shravan says that there is definitely progression between them and they might end up becoming best friends like their fathers. Suman looks on.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan asks Suman to come in her house to rehearse. Later Suman comes in Shravan’s room and is left impressed by how much clean it is and also seeing his trophies.