Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 27th March 2020 Written Update: Shravan gets touched by Suman’s act

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The episode starts with Vijay asking if Shravan is in the team that has to give surprise or get surprised. Kanchan says both and makes Shravan sit giving him drink. Suman asks him what he is doing there in his ear. He says that Kanchan called him there.  He is very scared and thinks if he should escape.

Vijay asks Shravan if he read the books he has given him. Shravan says he is reading them. Kanchan makes him drink juice and says that now she should disclose the surprise without wasting time and reveals that the main element of the surprise is Shravan.

Kanchan tells Devraj and Kavita that Shravan has done something that will make them very proud. Everybody asks her to reveal what Shravan has done but Suman asks her not to say anything for her at least. Kanchan gets silent.

Shravan messages someone and the doorbell rings. Everyone gets distracted so Shravan grabs the opportunity and sneaks into Suman’s room. He leaves a gift for her with a chit asking sorry in her room and then climbs down from the balcony running away from Tiwari House.

Meanwhile the one who had ringed the doorbell was Damru’s father. Suman says that it’s Damru’s birthday so they gave this surprise to him since he is part of family. Damru is touched.

Vijay asks Kanchan what she was telling about Shravan, what he has done. Suman gives the credit of the surprise for Damru to Shravan saying that it was his idea. Devraj and Kavita are surprised. Everybody praises Shravan. Kanchan fumes in anger.

On the other hand Bunty tells Shravan that he had warned him before but he didn’t listen to him and now both Suman’s father and his father will blast on him like bombs. Shravan says that he is his bomb scout now. Bunty suggests him to go somewhere far. Shravan says that he is right and it is better to leave this city than leaving the Earth. Bunty gives him 500inr and 10inr more and promises him to transfer him more money online. Just then Shravan gets Devraj’s call and he gets scared. Bunty suggests him to break the phone with a stone so that they won’t be able to trace him. Devraj calls again wondering why he isn’t picking up his calls now that he wants to compliment him. Bunty asks him not to pick up any call and let the phone ring.

Suman and Kanchan try calling Shravan and then Bunty too but both don’t pick the calls up so Suman calls Bunty from Damru’s mobile. Bunty picks up the call and Suman asks him to give the phone to Shravan. Suman tells him that he hasn’t told anything to his parents since he doesn’t want to involve their families in their matters. Kanchan asks her if she seriously won’t do that. Suman says yes because Shravan doesn’t matter to him. Shravan gets hurt hearing that and says that she better stay angry on him than ignoring him. He is about to say that she hide everything from parents from him but Suman interrupts him saying that she just didn’t want the two families to get awkward with each other. She cuts the call.

Bunty says that if he was on Suman’s place he would have told everything to his parents. Shravan says that Suman is special, he liked her from before but now he has also immense respect for her. He decides to get Suman’s forgiveness at any cost. Bunty smiles.

The next morning Suman notices the gift Shravan had placed in her room and wonders what she should do with it. She opens it. Kanchan comes and tells her that she can go to the washroom now. She sees the gift and asks Suman what it is. Suman replies that it is trash only and throws it in dustbin. She goes in washroom.

On the other hand Devraj asks Shravan where he was gone yesterday since Damru was so happy seeing his father. Devraj and Kavita praises Shravan and he gets happy thinking that Shravan did all this while she is upset so when she will become his girlfriend he will die for her.

Shravan goes on balcony and stares at Suman who is on her balcony too and smiles. “JitniDafaa” plays.

Later Shravan comes in the classroom and sees a drawing mocking him on his bank. Aneesh throws paper ball on him and everybody laughs at him. Everybody mocks him and Shravan gets angry. He walks towards Aneesh who stands up and his friends come behind him. Devika laugh. Shravan says that he is just on pause because he is doing something more important right now. He warns him that he won’t spare him when that work is done. Aneesh mocks him again. Suman comes so Shravan doesn’t reply him back.

Suman sees the drawing on the bench and glares at Shravan and Aneesh. The two exchanges angry glares.

Episode ends

Precap:Suman and Shravan give report of their buddy project in front of students and principal. Suman says that Shravan has taught him a lot of important lessons especially that she should not trust anybody easily and adds that she has failed in her part of this buddy project. Shravan praises Suman for teaching him so much and asks for punishment for his selfishness. Principal and teachers are happy with him.