Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 30th March 2020 Written Update: Shravan wants to be punished for hurting Suman

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The episode starts with Shravan and Suman sitting next to each other in classroom. Shravan looks at Suman recalling that she hit her head against the wall in the morning and silently places a balm on the bench but Suman refuses to take it. Shravan asks her to take it thinking him like a classmate, buddy or neighbor at least. Suman raises his hand to grab it and Shravan covers his face thinking that she is going to slap him. They look at each other. Just then the teacher tells student that they will have to submit the report of the buddy project the next day before recess.

Later Shravan meets Kanchan in the corridor and asks him to calm down and not show tantrums anymore. Kanchan asks him if it’s just a game for him. Shravan says that it is not and asks her to understand that his intention wasn’t wrong. Kanchan says that his intention can’t lessen Suman’s pain and warns him not to come to her house again. Suman comes and says that Shravan has no guts to say the truth and they have already seen his courage yesterday. Kanchan and Suman leave. Shravan thinks that the only person who thinks he is not brave is the girl he likes.

After a while Suman and Kanchan come back home and see Shravan’s bike there. They go inside where Vijay is complimenting Shravan for telling the truth as not everybody has the guts to do so. He tells Suman that Shravan has told him that he hadn’t organized Damru’s surprise. Vijay adds that he is impressed with their friendship since Suman wanted him to be praised but he didn’t want to get fake credits. Dadu asks Damru to give tea to Shravan too. Shravan smiles.

Vijay and Dadu leave. Shravan tells Suman that he was waiting for her to come and says that he is ready, to tell the truth to Vijay and Dadu. Kanchan says that she will tell it and is about to leave but Suman stops her.

Later Kanchan complains with Suman for stopping her but Suman says that she is impressed by Shravan who showed guts, to tell the truth after confessing a lie. Kanchan gets frustrated.

On the other hand, Bunty tells Shravan that he doesn’t understand his behavior so he will let it go.

Kanchan tells the same to Suman and leaves. Suman looks at the gift given by Shravan which she had thrown in the dustbin and takes it out.

Bunty offers suki pani-puri to Shravan who refuses it. Bunty says that he hasn’t seen him so sad even when Devraj took his bike and asks him to look at his face at least. Shravan says that the only face he cares about right now is Suman’s and he wants to see a smile on it.

Suman opens the gift Shravan had given her and sees that it is a little model of cannon. She reads the chit in which Shravan asks her sorry and to smile at least or shoot him with the cannon. Suman chuckles.

The next morning Shravan waits for Suman on the terrace and thinks about how his heart gets immediately happy as soon as he sees Suman in open hair. Kavita comes there with washed clothes. Shravan asks him why only girls come to hang washed clothes on the terrace in the morning. Kavita says that he can do that from tomorrow. Just then Suman comes and Shravan stares at her saying that he can’t look this beautiful. Kavita thinks he is talking about her and chuckles. She leaves. Shravan holds his ears looking at Suman who glares at him. Shravan jumps a bit and slips falling down and hitting his head. Suman looks on.

Later students start reporting about their buddy project. Aneesh and Saheb do it too. Saheb praises Aneesh a lot lying that he helped him with studies and also showed him the right path when others put him on the wrong one. Shravan thinks that he must be ashamed while saying all this. Saheb and Aneesh hug each other and Saheb asks Aneesh if he said right things only. Aneesh nods smiling. The principal asks Aneesh to tell what he learned from Saheb but Aneesh says that Saheb has already covered all the points and there are some other weaknesses in him but he will work on them. The principal says that everybody has strong and weak points and declares that they have failed in the buddy project.

The teacher calls Shravan and Suman on the stage for their report. The two walk on stage. Suman says that he thinks that there are always two people doing their part when something has to be learned, the one who has to learn and the one who has to teach. She affirms that she has failed in her part since she couldn’t teach anything she knew about wrong and right to Shravan who is the same Shravan of before. Principal whispers to the teacher that it seems like they will fail the whole buddy systems one by one. Suman says that Shravan, however, has taught her not to trust anybody easily and test someone before doing anything.

The teachers ask Shravan to speak now. Shravan says that Suman has not failed but passed only. He says that Suman’s specialty is that she doesn’t know what she has taught her. He explains that he has learned to respect army seeing Suman’s dedication for it, she taught him patience, to recognize wrong and right, she scolded him when he did something wrong but never left him, she taught him to accept mistakes, asks sorry for forgiveness and gets punished after hurting someone. He says that he wants to be punished now for lying just to show off, for hurting people, for crossing his line and for breaking his promises. Suman looks at him.

Everybody stands up and claps. The principal says that Shravan has understood the buddy project and praises the two. He says that the buddy system will continue since others could learn from it too.

Later Aneesh asks Munna to bring plates with samosa. Shravan takes the plates and gives them to Aneesh and his gang who mocks him. Shravan says that he is doing this just to punish himself for hurting Suman. Aneesh says that he can’t change what happened at the party. Shravan says that he is changing himself though. He turns around and sees Suman standing there. The two look at each other.

Episode ends

Precap: Bunty asks Shravan why he wants to get insulted again. Shravan says that he has an experiment in mind and if that doesn’t work then he will stop running behind Suman. The next morning Dadu and Suman go for jogging and Shravan thinks that now he will find out if he really doesn’t matter for her.