Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 5th March 2020 Written Update: Suman wins the bet against Shravan

The episode starts with Kanchan and Suman entering in the school. Shravan asksSuman not to talk with Shravan about Devika but Suman refuses saying that she is her friend.

Kanchan leaves and Devika comes to Suman asking her why she didn’t talk to Shravan yet. Shravan looks at them amused. Devika accuses Suman of not wanting her and Shravan to get together because she likes him. Suman tells her that she needs a doctor. Devika says that she needs Shravan only. Suman agrees to talk with him. Devika thanks her and leaves.

Shravan comes to Suman laughing. He asks Suman if she likes him. Suman warns him not to talk like this again. Shravan asks her if she will tell Devika that he is a fraud. Suman bashes him. Shravan asks Suman why she is jumping into his and Devika’s matter. Suman says that Devika is her friend. Shravan suggests her to learn saying no and says thathe will win against her both for the challenge with Dadu and Devika’s matter.

Aneesh stops Saheb who just entered in the classroom and makes him sit. He talks to Saheb kindly and also offers him the referee position in basketball team making him confused. Aneesh asks him what is going on between Shravan, Suman and Devika. Saheb understands that he is behaving kindly to him because he wants to know about Shravan.

Suma and Shravan argue. Suman says that she is eagerly waiting for 5pm to see him losing against Dadu and therefore the challenge and then she will ask him what she wants.

Saheb tells Aneesh that Shravan was talking about something and he shall ask him and then tell him. Aneesh agrees and assures him the referee position too.

The teacher scolds Suman and Shravan for being late. Shravan blames Suman.

In the afternoon Shravan comes back home and Avni and his aunty are watching “Chotisibaat” movie. He starts watching too. Avni says that she is going to study and leaves. Shravan is interested in the movie because the characters are playing chess in it and he gets an idea for his match.

Shravan calls Bunty who tells him that he has checked all the book shops but found nothing about chess so he is going to lose soon. Shravan says that he watched a movie and remembered Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue “the one who wins after losing is called baazigar”. He says that the bet is not about winning the chess match but impressing Dadu and he will do that. Bunty tries speaking but Shravan cuts the call.

At 5pm Suman is seen asking Dadu not to lose. Shravan comes in their house and greets them. He apologizes for not coming yesterday because of his friend’s accident otherwise he never breaks promises made to elders. Dadu asks him to sit. Kanchan wishes best of luck to Shravan. Suman glares at her and she immediately wishes luck to Dadu too.

Shravan and Dadu start playing. Suddenly Shravan praises Dadu for his move and says that he has no answer to it so has lost it for sure. Suman asks him to keep playing and not baffle. Shravan starts predicting the game and each move like he had seen in the movie and butters Dadu for his move. Kanchan is impressed. Suman asks Shravan if he has lost then. Shravan says he has. Damru compliments Dadu.

Shravan asks Dadu to teach him how to play. Dadu says that he needs to learn. However, Dadu says that he has watched “Chotisibaat” movie too and understood Shravan’s plan. He says that there is as much difference between cheating and sharpness as much there is between army people and civilians. Dadu asks Shravan to leave. He leaves looking down and doesn’t even stop when Suman tries calling him from behind. Suman thinks that he can’t back off from the bet now.

In the night the Tiwari family laughs at Shravan. Kanchan asks Dadu how he recognized the movie with two dialogues. Dadu tells them that Dadi used to take him to watch movies a lot and then they also used to go for lunch. Suman asks him why he left watching movies then.

Just then Vijay comes and says that it is because of him since he didn’t leave his mother alone even for a minute. Suman asks Vijay how he came home so late in the night. Vijay says that he just wanted to meet them. Anjali asks him to tell the actual matter. He says that they shall go to sleep now and talk tomorrow. Everybody agrees and goes to sleep. Vijay sits with Dadu.

Later Shravan gets a call from Suman but doesn’t answer it. Avni asks her who is calling and if he did something wrong again. Shravan asks her to study. Avni asks loudly how the movie of three hours he watched was. Devraj hears that and scolds Shravan for wasting so much time.

Suman says that Shravan is so scared that he isn’t even picking up her calls. Kanchan asks her not to judge since he might be busy. She says that he brings positive vibes in the house. Suman asks her to shut up since nobody asked her.

Shravan gets Bunty’s call. He asks him if he won. He is on balcony and Suman hits him with a fruit. Shravan cutsBunty’s call and says that he was about to call her but his mobile was on silence. She asks him to call. He does that. Shravan asks Suman what she wants. Suman asks him to delete Damru’s video and solve the matter with Devika. Shravan laughs and says that he should have won the challenge and asked better things. Suman asks him what else she could ask from him. Shravan says that she should ask that from Devika and cuts the call. Suman calls him fraud, cowards and disgusting.

Episode ends

Precap: Ramesh tells Suman that Vijay has gone for a mission. Suman is upset because he left without meeting her. Later Shravan suggests Suman to reach Vijay in the camp since he hasn’t left yet. Suman says that it would break army rules. Shravan asks her what’s the need of such rules which can break her heart. Shravan takes Suman to the camp on bike. Vijay sees Suman coming. She apologizes to him for breaking the rules but she had to meet him.