Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 6th March 2020 Written Update: Shravan convinces Suman to break army discipline

The episode starts withShravan sitting with Devika and trying to talk with her to end the matter of his ex girlfriend since Suman asked him to do that after winning the bet. Shravan is hesitant. Suman glares at Shravan asking him to speak. Aneesh wonders what gestures are going on between them. Shravan tells Devika that he is ready to forget the past and move on with her.

Devika says that Suman is her best friend and sent him to her. Shravan tells Devika that Suman likes him too and is desperately behind him. Devika says that she knew it and also asked her about it. Shravan asks her not to tell about it to anyone. Devika accepts and asks Shravan not to sit with Suman in classroom but Shravan says that he cannot avoid that since buddy system is going on. Saheb comes. Devika leaves saying that now she can concentrate on her studies.

Saheb asks Shravan what is going on between him, Devika and Suman. Shravan tells him that Devika likes him and Suman got in between all this unnecessarily. Saheb asks Shravan if he can tell it to Aneesh who offered him referee position in exchange of this information. Shravan changes his statement telling Saheb that Devika is desperately behind him but he is seeing Suman and is targeting all the grade one girls and gives Saheb the permission to tell it to Shravan.

Later in the classroom Saheb tells Aneesh that Shravan is flirting with Devika but is with Suman and is also targeting all the grade one girls. Aneesh sees Shravan gesturing to Devika and whispering with Suman as well and thinks that Saheb is right.

Vijay tells his family that he is going to make a special dish for them after having chai. Veena asks which dish. Vijay says that it is going to be a surprise. Anjali asks him about the other surprise he was talking about. Vijay tells them that he has to go to Jharkhan for an operation. Anjali asks him when he will come back. He says that he can’t tell anything more. Just then Vijay gets a call and has to leave. Veena says to Dadu that Suman will get upset after knowing that her father has left without meeting her.

On the other hand Shravan asks Suman if they can rehearse for the play. Suman tells him excitedly that she has to go home soon today since her father is home. Shravan wonders why she is so happy for that.

Suman comes back home and looks around for Vijay. Damru gives Suman and Kanchan chai. Anjali tells Suman that Vijay is not home. Suman asks where he is then. Ramesh tells Suman that he has gone to Jaharkhand for an important operation. Suman asks how he could leave without waiting for her and meeting her. Dadu tries making her understand that he had to leave after getting call but Suman is very upset.

Meanwhile Bunty asks Shravan why he has lied to Devika since he likes him. Shravan says that he doesn’t want to stay under her control and she has to understand that he has other options if she leaves him. Bunty asks him if he told Saheb that he is targeting all the girls so that he can tell it to Aneesh who will tell it to Devika but Shravan says that he just gave a wrong piece of information to Aneesh via Saheb so that his friend could get referee position. He laughs thinking about Aneesh who must be wondering about his next target.

Kanchan tries cheering Suman up and asks her to get up and do something. Suman accepts but she is still sad.

Bunty and Shravan are playing videogames. Devraj comes and Shravan pretend that he was teaching Bunty a math equation. Bunty leaves. Devraj says that he thought he will get some discipline after joining army school. Shravan says that he was teaching Bunty math equations. Devraj asks him where the books are. He asks him to go and study. Shravan immediately leaves.

Shravan comes in his room and lies on the bed. He receives Suman’s call and calls her Sumo. Suman asks Shravan to come in her house for the rehearsal. Shravan asks her what happened to her mood since she was so happy at school. Suman tells him that Vijay had to leave for the camp after receiving a call since they are going to Jaharkhand in a while and he went without even meeting her. Shravan suggests her to go to meet Vijay in the camp and offers to take her there. Suman is hesitant because it is against the army discipline. Shravan asks her to break such a discipline that breaks her heart. Suman accepts.

Shravan and Suman are seen on bike going towards the camp. Suman says that it is the first time she is doing something so wrong. Shravan says that it is not the most wrong thing to do in the world. They keep talking on their way to the camp. Shravan looks at her hand on his shoulder.

They reach the camp and Suman asks Shravan to wait for her outside. Shravan gets scared seeing the army officers with guns there and thinks that he should sit there silently since there is nobody to save him there.

Shravan receives Devika’s call and she talks to him in a cheesy way. She tells Shravan that she is on her way towards his house. Shravantells her that he is out for a work. Devika says it’s ok and calls him “honey”. They cut the call. Shravan is left surprised by her cheesy ways.

Vijay sees Suman and smiles. Suman goes to him and hugs him. She apologizes for breaking army discipline but she had to meet him. Vijay says that she didn’t do anything wrong since she is his strength and would not have felt right if he had gone without meeting him. Suman wishes him all the best and then he leaves. Suman is happy.

Suman goes back to Shravan and tells him that she could meet her father on last minute. She thanks Shravan. They look at each other while title track plays.

Episode ends

Precap:Suman and her family watch the news of some officers getting encountered. Shravan calls Suman who tells him that news of some getting injured in the operation for which Vijay went came but they didn’t get any news about Vijay yet. Shravan comes to meet Suman who is sad.