Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th March 2020 Written Update: Shravan misses Suman as she takes a leave from school

The episode starts withSuman asking Shravan if they shall stop to have jalebi. Suman is hesitant since it’s late and it is almost time for dinner but Shravan is able to convince her.

On the other hand Veena asks Ramesh to talk with Dadu for the money he needs for his business. Dadu comes to sit on dining table. Veena gets Suman’s call. Suman tell her that she had gone to camp to meet Vijay with Shravan and will eat something with him. Veena tells it to Dadu.

Suman enjoys the snack she is having with Shravan. He says that she would get bored eating with his Dadu. Suman asks her not to call him “Buddha”. Shravan says that he just likes giving nicknames to people the way he calls her “Sumo” and Suman decides to give him a nickname too. Shravan asks her to give him a suitable nickname.

Devika sees Shravan with Suman but doesn’t see her face. She immediately calls Shravan and asks him with whom he is. Shravan lies that he is with Bunty’s girlfriend. Devika talks with him in a cheesy way. Shravan cuts the call. He asks Suman to pay since he forgot the wallet home and also the license since no police officer would check it. Suman scolds Shravan for driving without license and says that she will go home with auto.

Devraj has a drink with his colleague who leaves after saying that he is sure that he will get the deal. Devraj shares with Kavita his worry of not getting the deal since Vijay won’t do partiality. Kavita cheers him up.

Later Shravan comes back home and Devraj asks her where he was. Shravan tells him that he accompanied Suman to the camp to meet Vijay. Devraj praises him for that.

Shravan gets Devika’s call and she asks him to send a selfie. He tells her that he just came back home and cuts the call. Devraj asks him who it was. Shravan says that it was a friend. Avni says that it seemed a girl. Shravan lies that it’s Bunty’ girlfriend.Devraj scolds him and leaves. Shravan argues with Avni for instigating Devraj. They go to Shravan’s room.

Avni asks Shravan who called him. Shravan tells him that it was Devika who has started annoying him a lot. He complains about her. Avni asks Shravan why he is doing time-pass with both Suman and Devika. Shravan says that he is not doing any time pass with Suman and says that she doesn’t even know how much Devika is annoying him. He says that his reputation will get destroyed if Suman comes to know about that. Avni thinks that there is something between Shravan and Suman and that is why he is so worried about what she will think.

Suman enters in her room. Kanchan pulls her leg for having dinner with Shravan. Suman glares at her.

Shravan gets Devika’s call at late night. He picks it up. Devika reminds him about the selfie. Shravan gets annoyed but cools himself down and then sends the selfie to Devika who gets happy seeing it and kisses her phone.

The next morning Shravan offers lift on his bike to Bunty. The latter asks him what happened. Shravan tells him that he lied to Suman about his girlfriend to get himself out of the mess. Bunty says that the girl must be someone he likes. Shravan jokes with him. Bunty warns him that he will get into trouble with all these lies but Shravan doesn’t take him seriously.

Veena gives Suman and Kanchan their tiffin. They are about to leave for school but just then Dadu switches on the TV and the news about an encounter in Jaharkhand comes. Whole the family gets worried. Dadu says that Suman and Kanchan won’t go to school today. He calls his friend to try getting some information.

Shravan comes in the school and Devika tells him that they will sit together on bench today. Shravan says that they can’t since Suman is his buddy. Devika tells him that Suman is on leave. Shravan wonders what must have happened to her.

In the classroom Aneesh glares at Devika and Shravan. Devika says that they should take a selfie. Shravan reminds her that they are in classroom. Devika says that they will take during break then. She starts doing compatibility test on phone. Shravan says that Suman was better and not cheap at least.

Later Shravan sits in canteen and asks for a chai the way Suman likes.Saheb comes to sit with him.

Dadu talks with his friend on phone but is unable to get any information. The Tiwari family is very worried. Veena prays. Suman is sad.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan calls Suman and says that it seems that she started becoming like him after staying with him for long and that is why she started bunking lessons. Suman says that it is nothing like that and tells him that some people got injured in the operation for which her father went. Shravan asks if Vijay is fine. Suman replies that she doesn’t know. Later Shravan comes in Suman’s house and goes to her. Suman looks at him sadly.