Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th March 2021 Written Update: Shravan does something shocking!?

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Pics
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan requests something unusual to Suman

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode starts with Shravan talking to Suman. She says sorry, I know its my mistake. He says I was trying to ease out Avni’s life, I was ready to pick and drop her. She says I know, you don’t need to clarify, Avni didn’t go anywhere, I will try to talk to you, drop this matter here. He says yes, how is your leg now. She says pain disappeared, I will just come. He says I will get late today, we will meet at night. She leaves.

Major Khan meets Shravan. Shravan asks how are you. Khan says congrats for the game, its awkward for me to tell about your sister Avni. Shravan asks what is it. Khan says I was getting some supply items from station at night. Shravan asks then?

Ayaan asks how much shall I wait. Avni says what shall I say. He says you are an innocent girl. Dumroo says Jhumri is getting the tea, tell me, what to do. Ayaan asks him to tell her to make tea sugarless. Dumroo goes. He says someone keeps coming, tell me how much you love me. Shravan comes home. He says I need to talk to you, come to the room. Suman says you were going to come late. Shravan says come to the room. Suman asks Avni did anything happen.

Kanchan gets Bunty’s call. He says its a happy day for me, I was calling to ask you, how are you, I called to thank you. She asks why. He says you don’t know what you did for me, I m foolish, but I have worn formals on your saying.

He says there is a madam in office, she came to me and complimented me. Kanchan gets jealous. She says wait, maybe mum is calling me. He says fine, take your time. She says sorry, she praised you, that’s great. Bunty says it was your choice. Beena calls her. Kanchan disconnects the call. Beena asks what happened to you, why are you sad. Kanchan says nothing, I took a nap just now. Beena goes. Kanchan thinks why am I feeling bad, its good for Bunty, why didn’t I talk to Bunty in front of Beena.

Shravan says you didn’t go out yesterday, right. Avni says no. Suman asks why are you asking her again and again. Shravan says Avni and Ayaan were in the bike racing, Khan has seen them, whose idea was it. Avni says it was my idea. Shravan says you lied to me and went, you took the risk. He scolds Ayaan and asks him to leave.

Ayaan goes. Avni cries. Shravan says I don’t want Avni to get into trouble. Suman says we can talk with love. Shravan says you have no right to talk about my sister. Suman goes. Devraj and Kavita are on the way. They have a talk. She says we should buy a good saree for Suman. Devraj says fine, we will buy it, you look excited to go to Maldives. She says yes.

Suman says Shravan cares for you, so he has come early, go and say sorry. Avni says he may get angry. Ayaan says please come with us. Suman says you both made mistake, you have to go and say sorry. Avni and Ayaan come to Shravan. Shravan says you didn’t go yet, I asked you to leave. Ayaan says I will apologize and go. Avni says so sorry. Shravan says if this happens again, then think the matter ended. He gets a call and goes. Ayaan thanks Avni. He says if Shravan knew that it was my idea for bike racing, I insisted you to sit, then he would have not spared me, you saved me. Shravan hears this. He slaps Ayaan. Suman looks on.

Avni says Ayaan is a nice guy. Suman says I promise, I will unite you and Ayaan. Shravan says Ayaan isn’t good for Avni. Shravan and Suman argue.

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