Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th August 2020 Written Update: Dadu invites Shravan and his family for his commission day

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The episode starts with Shravan wondering if Suman wants to tell a good thing or bad one. Avni says that it is a bad one and shows him the newspaper. Bunty comes and wonders why they look so upset. He reads the newspaper too and gets shocked. He asks what problem that oldie has with them.

On the other hand, Dadu is in kitchen. Suman and Kanchan ask what special he will do today but Dadu doesn’t reveal. Beena comes in the kitchen but Suman and Kanchan tell her that today Dadu will cook himself for his special day and takes her out. Damru asks Dadu how many guests will be coming. Dadu replies that two brothers with their respective wives and two children will come. Suman says that they must be very special people. Dadu says they are.

Meanwhile, Devraj gets call from Colonel Khan who tells him that paperwork for the deal is done and now only Vijay’s signatures are left. Devraj gets upset hearing that. Kavita comes in the room and sits in front of him asking what happened. Devraj tells her about the deal and says that it may get ruined because, after whatever happened, Vijay might not sign. Kavita suggests him to go to talk with Vijay who shall not be so angry with him as he is his childhood friends.

At the same time, Rajinder comes in the living room and sees that a notice from society has come. He asks Avni where the letter is. Avni indicates Shravan who, unwillingly, gives him the letter. Rajinder gets enraged reading it.

Devraj doesn’t want Vijay to think that he is there for a favour. Kavita assures him that nothing like that shall happen and he should go to apologize also on Rajinder’s behalf.

Devraj goes in the living room and sees Rajinder angry so asks what happened. Rajinder tells him that they got notice saying that they will get thrown out from their house and the society for another mistake. He is frustrated. Devraj thinks how he will go to Vijay after this now.

Bunty suggests Shravan to leave Suman’s dreams and get a girl directly from USA. Shravan says that SRK said that whole universe gets into fulfilling your wishes but here everything seems against him. Just then Devraj gets call from Dadu who invites him for his commission day. Shravan gets happy hearing it. Devraj accepts the invite and convinces Rajinder too saying that letter might be from another person of the society. Shravan exults saying that SRK was right. Avni asks if he is alright.

On the other hand, Suman is ironing her dress. She says that she will celebrate her commission day with special friends as well. Kanchan wonders what to wear. Suman suggests her a yellow floral dress but Kanchan refuses and asks Suman not to wear the boring dress she was ironing too. She pulls her leg reminding that Shravan didn’t gift her any red dress. Suman says that it would have been awkward. Kanchan chooses another dress for Suman.

Later, Shravan wears his favourite shirt and is very excited to go for lunch to Suman’s place. Bunty teases him and asks him to wear another shirt but Shravan says that it is his lucky shirt.

Meanwhile, the Tiwaris are ready for the lunch. Dadu comes and Kanchan and Suman praise him saying that he is getting more and more handsome. Anjali asks where his special guests are. Dadu says they might be late since they aren’t very disciplined. Beena wonders if they are Dadu’s friends only.

Just then, the doorbell rings and Suman goes to open. She is surprised to see Shravan at the door and asks him to leave saying that Dadu has invited only some special guests. She is about to close the door but then Dadu comes and Shravan greets him. Dadu asks him where the others are. Shravan indicates his family coming. The Tiwaris welcome the Malhotras inside.

Everybody sits inside. Suman and Shravan sit at the table together. Suman is surprised that Shravan and his family were Dadu’s special guests. Shravan says that this had to happen and he also compliments her saying that she is looking very pretty in the dress she is wearing. A huge smile appears on Suman’s face and she compliments Shravan back. Shravan thanks him and asks her what she was going to tell on phone. Suman says that she will tell him later alone. She leaves when Anjali calls her. Shravan’s heartbeat increased hearing Suman’s words.

Bunty praises Kanchan saying she is looking nice but Kanchan makes a face and leaves after thanking him. Bunty complains. Shravan follows Kanchan in the kitchen and asks her how last day’s surprise was. Kanchan tells him about the misunderstanding she and Suman had as they felt the red dress was for her. Shravan gets worried.

Shravan sits with Bunty and says that he hopes Suman doesn’t tell him anything since he is afraid that it might be because of her disappointment for last day’s surprise. He tells Bunty that Suman thought that the red dress was for her since she had gifted her dress to Damru because of him. Bunty says that he should have bought two dresses. Shravan scolds him for not giving him the idea yesterday but Bunty reminds him that he had told him to get the dress delivered at his house only.

Suman calls Shravan from behind but he ignores him since he is afraid that she is going to scold him. Bunty teases him. Suman wonders why he isn’t coming now that she got chance to talk with him.

Dadu thinks that he has been waiting for Malhotras since morning and now he will treat him well. Devraj asks how group studies are going. Vijay says that they are going well and Shravan has surprised them too. Dadu taunts the Malhotras saying that they were surprised since they knew that he must have not learnt discipline from family. Kavita whispers to Ragini that she cannot understand if they are praising Shravan or taunting them.

Damru calls Dadu aside and says that he made food only for six people but also Bunty came. Dadu asks him not to worry as some food might remain too.

Avni asks Shravan why he isn’t answering to Suman who is calling him since so much time. Shravan denies having heard her voice. Avni asks him to turn around as Suman is right behind him. Shravan looks at Suman intimidated by her.

Episode ends

Precap: Suman tells Shravan that both their fathers are in the house together and she has plan to solve their misunderstandings and unite them. Later Shravan suggests Devraj to talk to Vijay to clear what happened in the last days. Devraj agrees. Suman and Shravan decide to overhear Vijay and Devraj’s conversation. After a while, Devraj is alone in a room with Dadu who says that he wants to talk about Vijay. He notices Suman and Shravan spying through window.