Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th August 2020 Written Update: Suman and Shravan bring their fathers together

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The episode starts with Shravan making excuse and escaping from Suman. He hides near the kitchen and just then Suman grabs his wrist pulling him inside. As she does this, they twirl and Shravan holds her by her waist. They look at each other. “Mere liye tum kaafi ho” plays.

Suman returns in reality and asks Shravan what happened to him, why he is ignoring her. She says that they have a great chance today. Shravan understands that she doesn’t want to talk about the dress. Suman tells Shravan that Devraj and Vijay are together in the same house so she wants to unite both the friends. She asks Shravan to wait for her signal.

On the other hand, the two families talk about family trips as Beena asks Kavita where in which foreign country they are planning to go this time. Kavita says that Shravan’s 12th is going on so they aren’t planning to go anywhere. Rajinder says that Shravan will go to USA after the 12th and then Avni will follow him too since both the cousins can’t stay separated. Beena says that Suman and Kanchan are inseparable too. Ragini asks them if they go to any family trip. Beena says that this time their program has been cancelled as they have to transfer to Indore since Ramesh is opening a new centre there. Kanchan hears that and says that she isn’t going anywhere. She leaves. Vijay follows her.

In the meantime, Shravan tells Bunty that Suman wanted to talk about their fathers only. Just then, Shravan receives message from Suman who asks her to bring Devraj. Shravan rushes to Devraj who is sitting with Rajinder. After sending the latter away, Devraj asks Shravan what the matter is about.

Vijay comforts Kanchan who cries because she doesn’t want to go to Indore leaving Suman and them all. After Kanchan leaves, Vijay suddenly hears the stereo playing an old song. He looks on.

Shravan hears the song and understands that it’s Suman’s signal. He convinces Devraj to talk with Vijay and clear all misunderstandings since Dadu called them for his special day which means that the attachment is still there. Devraj agrees and Shravan manages to convince him to go to Vijay’s room. Devraj leaves and sees Vijay standing in front of stereo listening to “Dostana humara”.

Suman calls Shravan in the garden and says that they shall overhear their fathers’ conversation. She walks towards the window while Shravan stares at her wondering why he didn’t meet such a smart and cute girl before.

Devraj asks Vijay how his health is now. Vijay tells him that there is improvement and he may join army soon. Devraj apologizes to him for saying, few days ago, that it’s good if he is having chance to take rest, not considering how much important duty is for an officer. They sit together. Vijay apologizes too for misunderstanding his nice intention. Devraj asks sorry for Rajinder’s behaviour too and Vijay apologizes on Dadu’s behalf. Shravan and Suman are spying on them through window and smile. Devraj and Vijay start recollecting their college memories hearing the song that is playing on stereo on which they had performed on their cultural day. They laugh together recalling those moments.

Shravan asks Suman if her choosing that song was just a guess or luck. Suman replies that it’s her talent. Shravan asks how she is playing the song on stereo since she is outside. Suman shows remote controller. They smile.

On the other hand, Rajinder and Ragini go to Dadu and talk about the notice they got from society office saying that they will have to leave the society if another mistake happens. Rajinder says that he is sure he didn’t send notice otherwise he wouldn’t have invited them for lunch and asks his help to solve the situation but Dadu reveals that he was the one who sent that notice and he invited them for lunch to clear further misunderstandings of them as well. He leaves thinking that one brother has been shown his place and now he should take care of the other.

Devraj and Vijay keep recollecting their college memories and Suman and Shravan listen to them. Devraj and Vijay shake hands the way they used to do. Suman thanks Shravan because she wouldn’t have been able to bring this smile back on Vijay’s face alone. Devraj tells Vijay that he is happy that they are still friends after so much time too. Vijay says that people say that friendships don’t break anymore after ten years and their one is 21 years old now. Devraj wants to talk with him about something important but just then Dadu comes and says that they shall go to have lunch since food is ready. They leave. Suman congratulates to Shravan since their fathers finally reunited. Shravan thinks that now their union is left. Title track plays.

Elders are sitting at dining table. Avni smells the food and says that it smells yummy. Vijay says that Dadu made it all. Dadu says that it’s a dish he made during army days indicating one made with cashew nuts. Anjali says that they shall cut cake first and asks Suman and Kanchan to go to get it. Shravan gestures to Bunty who asks Kanchan to help him. Shravan says that he will go with Suman. The two leave. Devraj goes to washroom. Kanchan asks Bunty what he needs. Bunty says that he needs to hear compliments for his new hairstyle but Kanchan just walks away. Bunty complains that nobody praises him.

Anjali tells Vijay that he looks good when he is so happy. Vijay says that everyone is together so he has to be happy and shares with Anjali that he can’t understand Dadu since he seems to dislike Malhotras but called them for lunch for his special day. He says that he is doing all this for him.

Shravan is about to touch the cake but Suman stops him. She asks him how the cake is. Shravan replies that it seems very nice. Suman says that she needs to talk about something else too. Shravan gets scared thinking that she might talk about the dress and surprise. He gulps down.

Episode ends

Precap: Dadu asks Devraj to stop his game as he knows he offended Vijay after calling him home. Devraj apologizes. Dadu says that he isn’t worth of anything and, in fact, he doesn’t deserve Vijay’s friendship. He asks him to stay away from his son. Beena overhears their conversation from window. On the other hand, Suman tells Shravan that she wants him to be her special friend. They shake hand promising to be best friends forever like their fathers.