Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th January 2021 Written Update: Avni refuses to marry

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan requests something unusual to Suman

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The Episode starts with Suman coming to Avni. She gets coffee. She asks Avni to say her feelings. She asks didn’t you like the guy, is there any other matter. Avni says no, problem isn’t in the guy, I don’t want to marry. Suman asks don’t you want to marry this guy or any guy, I share every problem with Kanchan, I feel she is with me. Avni says I want your help, you tell them that you didn’t like the guy, if I refuse, they will ask me reasons. Suman says they will ask me also. Avni says make any excuse. Suman says it means you won’t refuse, you aren’t giving me reasons. Avni says its fine if you don’t want to get involved, I can’t tell any reason. Suman says I can’t leave you alone in this situation, have the coffee. Avni thanks her.

Suman sees Shravan sleeping. She says we understand each other, you didn’t tell me but I know you are upset with me, we used to be upset with the world before. Shravan holds her hand. She smiles. Ek duje….plays… She says you know my sincerity matters a lot to me, I don’t want your annoyance for a small matter, I can do anything for you, I will do this as well.

Its morning, Kanchan thanks Bunty. She says you are really a good friend. He says you already thanked me, its fine, I want a thanks with a hot tea or cold coffee. She says great idea. Beena asks aren’t you getting late for office, I m tired calling you, you are on phone. Kanchan says I was just….

Bunty hears them. Beena asks who is on call. Kanchan says my office friend Dolly. Kanchan ends call. She says I have to learn new things at office. Beena goes. Kanchan messages Bunty, sorry to lie to mum. He replies its fine, is our plan cancelled. She asks why. He jokes. He writes… you can call me Dolly if you want. She says this guy is really strange. She writes you are really strange, shall we meet tomorrow. He replies done. They smile.

Suman and Shravan come for breakfast. Suman says you all are thinking if I spoke to Avni or not. Devraj smiles. Suman asks Avni didn’t you tell them about our talk. Rajender says she isn’t talking to us. Kavita asks Suman to say what they spoke. Suman asks why are we hurrying with her marriage, the guy isn’t so good, we can see more options, we should find someone suitable for Avni. Avni smiles.

Rajender says its a little thing. Kavita says Avni is a modern girl, she also has an opinion, we will not push you anywhere. Devraj says decide with the family, yes or no, don’t put us in suspense. Rajender says Suman will handle all this. Suman says yes. Suman says Avni, I will wait for your real reason. Shravan looks on.

Shravan comes to meet Suman at her office. She gives medicines to her patient. Shravan asks what did you talk to Avni, what did Avni say, you didn’t tell anything to me. She says its Avni’s marriage, she should decide. He says you mean I should not talk in between, will you take all decisions. She asks why are you thinking so. The man says CO is waiting for you. Shravan says I m coming. He says we will talk about this in the evening.

He goes to CO. CO says I got the letter, I thought to ask if Suman spoke to Dhua about me or not. Shravan says sorry, actually…. Suman comes and greets CO. She says I should say sorry to you, Shravan told me, I had a meeting with Dhua, I couldn’t talk to him yesterday, I will talk to him, I can’t guarantee that your work will be done.

CO says its fine if it doesn’t happen, we will follow the orders, I thought you won’t consider this, can’t you do this for Shravan’s CO. She says I can do anything for Shravan, I will go now. Shravan looks at her. She goes. CO says you are very lucky to get a good life partner, thanks. He goes.

Suman goes to Dhua. Shravan says I matter the most to Suman, I won’t let her compromise on her principles, I won’t let our love fall weak. Suman asks Dhua for a favor. Shravan rushes.