Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th January 2021 Written Update: Tiwaris agree to the marriage.

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode starts with Suman leaving from office. Nurse says there is a last patient. Suman asks her to send him. Shravan comes and says I m the last patient, I came to meet you. Suman smiles. She says you know Beena has agreed for our marriage. He says but my family didn’t agree. She says we should try to convince your mom and dad. He agrees.

Bunty asks Shravan to talk to his parents. He says I will talk to Rajender and convince him, just see. Shravan smiles and asks will you really do. Bunty says yes. They meet Rajender and ask him to talk to Devraj. Rajender says no. Bunty says if we don’t understand Shravan, then who will understand. Rajender says I m ready to do anything, but I can’t talk to Shravan.

Shravan says when you and Ragini go to meet Devraj, act that everything is fine between you two, Bunty gave this idea. Rajender says its a bad idea. Bunty asks him to agree. They ask him to just try. Ragini says fine, we will try. Rajender says on this condition that Tiwaris are coming to talk, I will talk to Devraj. Shravan thanks them and hugs.

Suman asks Ramesh and Beena to talk to Shravan’s family. She says Shravan and I decided to make you all talk, will you come. Beena says no. Suman asks why, for my happiness. Suman asks Ramesh to come. Ramesh says sorry, we can’t talk to Shravan’s family. He also goes. Shravan calls Suman and says I spoke to Rajender, he will talk to Devraj, this is possible because of you. She says Ramesh and Beena refused to come. He asks what, how will they all talk now. She says I will try and find a way.

He says okay and ends call. She asks how shall I try. Bunty asks will Rajender manage everything. Shravan says yes, trust him. Rajender asks Devraj is he going anywhere. Devraj says yes, for an imp meeting. Rajender says Suman’s aunt and uncle agreed, so Ragini and I thought that we should talk to them.

Kavita asks really, is your fight over? Rajender and Ragini say yes. Devraj asks whose idea was it to make you talk to me. Rajender says Bunty. Devraj says its a bad idea, did Tiwaris tell him to convince us. Rajender says no, Shravan told us. Devraj says fine, let them come, we will talk to them.

Suman comes home. She signs no to Shravan. Rajender asks did your uncle and aunt not come. Suman says they were going to come, I have come, they have agreed for this marriage, I thought to come first, I hope you are understanding. Devraj says yes, its our insult, they didn’t come and sent you, elders talk such things.

Ramesh, Beena and Kanchan come. Suman smiles. Kanchan says I got them here. Ramesh says we never had good relations, we had misunderstandings, I m ready to apologize for Suman’s sake. Bunty says no need to apologize, we will talk direct. Rajender asks Bunty not to talk in between, see Devraj’s mood.

Kavita says don’t apologize, we both families have nothing similar. They all start arguing. Shravan and Suman worry. Shravan asks Ramesh and Beena to wait. Suman asks Devraj to give them a chance. Beena says I can’t stay here. Kavita asks her to go. Shravan shouts wait, why are you behaving like kids, talk about the marriage if you are okay with it.

Rajender blows a popper and shouts surprise. Everyone claps and smiles. Shravan and Suman get surprised. Kavita says I got late, but I saw Shravan’s love for Suman. Devraj says we were going to talk to Ramesh and Beena for the marriage. Ramesh says we decided to play this prank. Shravan asks whose idea was this. They say Bunty. Bunty says surprise, lets take a surprise pic.

Ramesh welcomes Devraj and family. Shravan makes Suman wear bangles. She says its beautiful. He says you are beautiful. He holds her and kisses.