Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th January 2021 Written Update: Suman and Shravan’s first valentine’s Day after marriage.

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Will Shravan be able to stop Suman?

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Episode begins with, Suman waking up. Shravan wakes Suman and says to get ready fast. Suman wakes and sees Shravan in kurta. Before she could ask, Shravan goes out. Suman calls someone saying is the hamper ready? The person says yes it is. Suman says the cake?

The person says that chocolate cake was not available so that is why red velvet heart shaped cake is put in hamper. Suman panics and says heart shapped why? I told you to keep it simple. The guy said the emotions should be seen. Suman says take the cake out. The vendor says the hamper has left with the cake. Suman thinks now Shravan will feel it’s for teenagers.

Suman is worried and goes down to see puja going on. Beena sees Suman in jeans and says has she come to party? What is this? Ramesh calms Beena. Kavita aska Suman to come and sit. Suman taunts Shravan saying thanks for telling me about puja. Shravan says I am sorry, I thought mom told you.

Suman worries about the hamper to come. Bell rings and Suman worries. Damru opens door and says parcel for Shravan. Shravan comes and takes the bouquet and hamper which has wine. Shravan sees the heart shaped cake and thanks Suman. They wish each other.

Suman asks Shravan to please make this hamper reach their room before anyone can see it. Shravan says okay, you go and sit in the puja and I will manage this. Suman goes. Shravan hides it in a lower shelf near entrance. Then comes.

He holds Suman’s hands. But then everyone is asked to fold hands and close their eyes. Everyone does so. Shravan sees everyone has closed their eyes. He kisses Suman. They both smile and blush.

Kanchan’s phone rings and Beena asks her who it is. Kanchan says it’s Dolly. Kanchan goes out to talk to Bunty. Bunty says tomorrow I couldn’t come so sorry. Kanchan says atleast you could have informed that time. Kanchan cuts call.

Bunty thinks Kanchan is in anger and he will have to make her happy. He drives his car. Bunty reaches. He first takes the box and then keeps it saying I can’t take it inside. Bell rings and Kavita says who it is. Shravan is shocked to see Bunty.

Bunty says I am sorry I came late, Shravan invited me to puja. Shravan says when did I. Bunty says you have got so busy that you forgot only? Suman taunts Shravan that he forgot to mention her but invited Bunty. During the puja, Bunty tries to get Kanchan’s attention but then texts her and clarifies how he got into an accident yesterday and wounded his nose. Kanchan then agrees and they patch up.

Puja is over. Tiwaris says the puja was amazing and thanks for inviting. Devraj says we had good time too. Ramesh trips over the hamper box. They pick up the hamper. Devraj sees and says wine, cake and card and they say wow hamper. Suman and Shravan have got very shy.

Precap: Suman and Shravan celebrate a romantic valentine’s Day with each other.