Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th January 2021 Written Update: Shravan and Suman romance

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 14th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode starts with Malhotras preparing to take gifts for Tiwaris. Kavita asks Ragini to check once, everything should be good in Shravan’s Sagan. Devraj asks her for the wallet. Kavita says we will get late. Ragini asks who chose this bright colour for fruit basket. Rajender says I chose it. She says it suits in our house, but you have to remember that Shravan is getting married in a family with army background, they will like it simple. Bunty makes Shravan ready. He jokes and asks him to come. Shravan says I can’t believe it, it looks like a dream. Bunty says yes, me too. Bunty tickles him. Shravan runs.

Beena prepares the food. She asks Dumroo to work fast, the Malhotras would be coming. Suman gets ready. Kanchan says you look pretty, your face glow is because of your happiness that you are marrying your lover. She compliments Suman’s look for the Sagan ceremony. She says I will go and welcome Shravan. Suman says you are still my fav. they smile. Malhotras come. Shravan looks for Suman. Bunty asks where are others.

Kanchan says maybe he is talking about Veer. Veer comes. Shravan asks did you forget me. Veer signs no. Kanchan says I will bring Suman. Ramesh says I wish love grows between the families also. Devraj says we are glad to see that we are moving on. Suman comes. Shravan sees her. Ek duje…..plays….

Suman greets everyone. They bless her. Shravan signs Suman. Bunty says Shravan wants to talk to Suman in private. Kanchan says tell your friend to keep some patience. She tells Suman. Suman says I will just come. She goes. Kanchan asks Shravan and Bunty are they getting bored. Bunty says yes. Kanchan says come, we will go on terrace. Rajender asks them to go. Shravan comes to Suman’s room.

Kanchan says Bunty and I will avoid each other, until you guys talk. They go. Suman asks why did you call me here. Shravan holds her close. He kisses her forehead. He holds her to kiss. She gets away and says waiting is good. He pulls her close and says I have been waiting for years, we are getting married, its date is getting fixed, darling. She says fine, darling, why this hurry. He asks why, what’s wrong in it. They smile.

Dumroo comes and says you are here, they are not deciding about the marriage. Suman says thanks, I will go and see. Dumroo asks Shravan to help Jhumri and her. Shravan says I will see. Suman says we can do marriage in both the styles. Everyone likes her idea. Shravan sees Suman. She smiles. He gets upset.

Its night, Shravan comes to meet Suman. Kanchan says he said you have to answer his questions. She goes. Suman says anyone can see. Shravan flirts with her. He asks why didn’t you let me kiss. He reminds her that she had kissed him in the public before. She asks him not to joke. He says I m not joking. She asks why can’t we wait till marriage. He says you really think this is wrong. She says its called choice. He says you are right, forgive me.

She says done, come, sit. They sit on the swing. He says I can’t believe that we are really getting married. She says we are in love, life looks good, we find excuses to meet, but everything gets boring in a relationship after one point, we will hide things and stop understanding each other, then we will be alone. He says enough of your romantic words, it may take my life. She stops him. He says I won’t let this happen.

She asks how. He says I promise, I will never count your flaws in front of everyone. He holds her hand. She says I also promise that I will try to make everything perfect in our life. He says I promise I will never hide anything. She says I promise I will never break your trust. He says I promise I will never stop talking to you. Sh says I promise I will never let you fall alone. He hugs her.

Shravan says these things won’t work in Tiwari house. Beena says we do puja to bless children. Kavita says we have to take care of our relatives. Suman asks Shravan shall we tell everyone about the house deal.

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