Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th January 2021 Written Update: Bunty and Kanchan celebrate valentines.

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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

The Episode starts with Rajender saying its valentines day today. Everyone smiles. Rajender says I hope I don’t know to tell everyone about these things. Suman says I want to tell something, I didn’t know about puja. Devraj asks didn’t anyone tell Suman that we had puja today. Shravan says we thought someone would have told her. Rajender says we have two cakes, we will cut one now. They all cut the cake. Everyone claps. They celebrate the valentines.

Dumroo holds Jhumri’s hand and wishes her. She wishes him. Suman’s family leaves. Bunty says I have urgent work, I have to go. Shravan says your work is urgent these days. Bunty goes. Kavita says I will send other cake to the room. Avni teases Suman. Devraj says don’t make Suman uncomfortable, come. They all go. Kanchan says Suman was so shocked. Bunty looks for her. He calls out Kanchan. She says maybe Suman has called me, you go home. Dumroo says maybe she is calling us for other cake cutting. Ramesh says make tea for us. Kanchan goes to Bunty.

She says sorry, I didn’t know I have to come running on your sign, what do you want. Bunty thinks what shall I say now. Jhumri says everyone is gone, no need to stand quiet. Shravan asks her to go and do her kitchen work. She says I understood everything. Kavita comes and smiles.

Shravan goes and messages Suman to come to the room. Suman goes. Kanchan asks who called you in puja. Bunty says I will tell you, Shravan called me, who else can call me. She says good, show me your phone, I have to check your call history. He says I got his message, I deleted the message by mistake. She asks him why is he lying. She says any way, why did you call me. He asks her to come. He holds her hand and leaves. She smiles.

He says I was coming, I thought to get this for you. She asks what do you want to say, I don’t understand, tell me what did you get. He shows the cake. He says I was coming here and thought to get a cake for you, don’t think wrong. kavita sees them. Kanchan says no one is misunderstanding, I will go home and check this. She goes. He waves to her and smiles. Kavita smiles.

Suman and Shravan say everything is perfect, its a perfect moment. They cut the cake and feed each other. They raise a toast. He says its our first valentines after marriage, to my perfect wife. She says to my perfect husband, don’t you think something is missing. He says actually you are right. He goes to kiss her. She says stop, your mind is one track. She sees their pic and says close your eyes. He asks what will you do. She asks him to open eyes now. She gives her hand. He holds her and says you are in romantic mood today. They dance. Ek duje….plays….

Kanchan sees the cake and says oh my foolish Bunty… what am I saying. Beena comes and asks from where did this cake come. Kanchan says you scared me, Bunty gave this cake. Beena asks why. Kanchan says he got it for Shravan and Suman, he forgot it in the car, he asked me to keep it in freezer and give it to them. Beena says cake got spoiled, we have to throw it, come and have food. She goes. Bunty calls Kanchan and asks how are you, I thought to call you, did you taste it, how is it. She says good.

He asks did you get spoiled, I forgot to on the car AC, I m too innocent. She says you aren’t so innocent, cake didn’t get spoiled, good you cleared that you got the cake just like that, else people misunderstand on getting cake on valentines. He says yes, I will talk later. She smiles. He says she isn’t understanding, what to do.

Shravan says I miss school mate Suman today, I m thinking what to gift you. He makes her wear a ring. He compliments her. She asks shall I ask you something. He says anything. She says I wish this love always stays the same, we always take care of each other, that’s it, you are perfect for me, never change Shravan, promise. He says you too promise. She says I promise. He kisses her. They hug.

Shravan surprises Suman. He says we will make a new Suvan corner. They practice badminton. He says its not easy to please Suman.