Ek Duje Ke Vaste 17th January 2021 Written Update: Shravan gives a special gift.

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Will Shravan be able to stop Suman?

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The Episode starts with Suman writing her diary. She says I felt I m the world’s most unlucky girl, dad was right, we have to keep courage until the time changes, today when Shravan and I have promised each other that our love will not change or get less, I feel I m the most lucky person, I love Shravan a lot. Shravan wakes up. She says I thought you are sleeping. He asks what are you writing. She says its my personal diary, is it good to read it.

He says husband is also personal, I can see it. She says no. He asks why, why are you protective about it, you can go to study table and write. She says that chair is uncomfortable, I couldn’t sit, I had a comfortable chair in my room. She says you are really strange, why would I write about the chair in the diary, sleep now, don’t compromise on your beauty sleep, don’t worry, I will love you. She sleeps. He smiles.He thinks of something.

Its morning, Suman wakes up. She hears some sound. Shravan shows a new chair for Suman. He gives his hand. He says you said the old chair wasn’t comfortable. She asks did you get a new one, how so early. He says just see the magic, sit on it and say how is it. She says its really magic. She likes the chair. She sees Suvan written on it. She hugs him. They smile.

He says I m thinking to change this room and make a new Suvan corner, we will decorate it. She says you made me speechless, if this is any practice to win best husband competition then… He says I m just romancing you, you are taunting me. She says I m just saying that you don’t need to waste time, you are the best husband. He says I always listen to you, that’s why I m the best husband, tell me where to start. She says balcony. He says bathroom. She says wife’s word is… He says fine, we shall start from balcony, come, tell me your ideas.

She says I have to think. He says close your eyes and imagine. She closes eyes and says Shravan, I can see many flowers, there are cute flowers on some plants, there is a beautiful swing also, wow. He sees her balcony and says this is called copying. He shows her balcony and says visualize something new. She asks him to imagine it and tell her. He closes eyes. She asks what can you see. He says darkness. She says try it. He says I can’t think of anything when you are around, get ready now.

Kavita sees Bunty going to Beena’s house. Kanchan checks at the door. He says Kavita was looking on, so I had worn this helmet. Kanchan asks so what, you can remove the helmet now, tell me, why did you come. Beena says I called him, Bunty told me that his uncle worked in electricity dept, look at this bill. She complains about the bill and asks him to help. He says sure, I will help. Beena says I will bake a cake for you, thanks. Kanchan asks him to drop her on the way. He says sure. Kanchan takes her bag.

Suman does everyone’s health check up at home. Devraj says I m fit since the start. Suman says no, your sugar and Bp are high, you have to walk 4 kms every day and stop fried food. Devraj says let me have chole bhature sometimes. She says no, its banned for you. Kavita says great, he would never listen to me. She asks Devraj to have sugarless tea. Suman says same rules are for you. Kavita says fine, samosa sometimes. Devraj says no way, we will have makhana now. Shravan asks Suman to come. Avni comes. Rajender asks her to check profiles and answer. Avni goes. Suman says we will talk to her later, Shravan, I m a doctor, I have a cure for everything. They leave for work.

Suman meets Captain Sneha. She says your reports are clear, your problem is solved, what happened. Sneha says I have night duty tomorrow, its my daughter’s 6th birthday. Suman says I will try and see what I can do. She gets a call from Shravan. He calls her for the badminton practice. They challenge each other. They play. Shravan wins. Gujral looks on and says good game Shravan. Suman keep practice.

Shravan says it was a tough game, good play. She asks did you imagine the terrace design. He shows a pic and says I planned it like this. She says you told me that I m copying it. He says it looks cool. She says no, I m thinking the opposite. He says we will mix both ideas. She says I want flowers, do you have weights, fine we will do what you say. He says its not easy to keep her happy.

Shravan and Suman go to buy furniture. She says we will meet her in the evening. Shravan says fine. Suman says sorry, I had work. Shravan asks are you not coming. She says sorry. He asks did you talk to Avni. She says she asked me not to share it with anyone.