Ek Duje Ke Vaste 1st February 2021 Written Update: Misnconception between Shravan and Suman

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The episode will start with Shravan going into deep thoughts how he always wanted action packed posting but it’s in Bhopal. Then he remembers how Suman said she prays he gets his favourite type of posting. He sees the posting sheet getting printed.

A friend of Shravan comes and tells him that it’s okay and soon he will get a good posting and asks him to inform Suman. Here Suman is treating a patient who congratulates Suman for her promotion and marriage. Suman tells him how even Shravan is yet to get promotion, the patient asks her to convey his best wishes to him as well. Patient leaves.

Suman is then asked to go to badminton court where his senior is calling him. Suman wonders why there but goes. She sees Bassi there and asks her senior what happened. Her senior says tomorrow there is a picnic. Suman asks why? Senior says it’s for the promtion happiness as Shravan will also be getting promoted.

Suman says the idea is nice but I can’t go sir with Shravan gone. Senior says that’s why I called Bassi also here so that we can all convince you. Suman says but there is a party in evening then why picnic. Bassi says it’s rare to get picnic chances. Atlast her senior says it’s an order so Suman agrees.

Suman comes back home and is trying to call Shravan and so is Shravan. Their calls comes busy to each other. But then Suman calls and Shravan picks up. Shravan says I was trying to call you and the calls went busy, Suman says because even I was calling you.

Suman says see we are made for each other, we recall each other at the same time too. Suman then notices Shravan’s low voice and asks what happened, you went there for promotion then why so sad. Suman then says you got the promotion right?

Shravan says yes I did. Suman says why are you saying in a dead voice that you did, say with happiness. Suman then says what about posting. Shravan lies and says it is not decided yet, they will tell tomorrow. Suman says okay, let me know. Suman then tells him about the picnic arranged by their senior and how she doesn’t feel like going. Shravan says why? Suman says because you are not here. Shravan says go and have fun please. Suman agrees.

Suman, Kanchan and Avni play cards and spend time. Suman says I will find a guy for you. Kanchan says fine, Avni and I are ready, find a guy for us. Suman ends the game. Kamchan says you are missing Shravan, take care, I will leave. Suman messages Shravan.

She thinks I wish you love the duty the most and get what you want, but I want you to be with me. Its morning, Suman gets ready. She greets Devraj and Kavita. Kavita says Rajender and I made the food for you. Suman thanks them. Gujral asks Suman to come, is she ready. She says yes, Shravan insisted, that’s why. She leaves for the picnic. Kavita says we have to get ready now. They all get ready. Shravan comes home. He says Suman didn’t know that I m coming. Devraj says you should have told her at least. Shravan says she had a picnic plan. Devraj asks why do you look worried, you got promoted, where is the posting.

Shravan says here in Bhopal, I m upset, I didn’t tell Suman that I m coming. Devraj asks why are you upset when posting happened at a good place. Shravan goes to his room. Devraj says he wanted action and field work, he won’t get this in Bhopal, so he is upset. Kavita says I m happy, he will stay with us, our mannat got fulfilled before going to Kirtan. Devraj says then kirtan cancelled. She says no, I have to make more prayers. A retired army Colonel meet Gujral and his team. He introduces his family. Suman goes to call Shravan. He answers. Avni comes to him. Suman hears them and asks are you at home. Shravan says yes. Suman says you didn’t tell me about the posting. He says we will talk later, my mood is bad. She says I m upset that you are hiding things from me.

Shravan comes to meet Suman and surprises her. Suman smiles. A girl shouts for help. Shravan runs to help the girl. He jumps into the sea and swims all the way. Suman looks on.

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